Office Chat/MacDougall’s UK tour

Things we’ve discussed in the office this Wednesday morning include: Barcelona’s dismantling of the Arsenal Champions League dream for a second consecutive season and the unimpeachable genius of lickle Leo Messi, what Pirates put on their CV when they fancy a career change, Lawrence’s new hair-cut/beard trim, the pyschedelic properties of tarantula spiders and why everyone in the office is both fascinated and terrified of them, the debatable nature of Grandparents day, whether or not Spurs can do the biz tonite against Milano, how your goods get treated by luggage monkeys at the airport when you ship stuff abroad, the merits of wearing a suit and whether there’s a pay off between productivity and creativity whilst sat in one and lot of other things and a lot of other things.

In other news, our faithful mascot MacDougall the Scotty Dog has gallantly set off this fair morn to his Motherland, and bonny Edinburgh, on the first day of a 3-legged UK tour.

He’s promised to send back a picture of himself outside Edinburgh Castle before winging his way across to Ireland and finally rounding off his British jaunt in Essex.

A picture diary of our Tri-nation traversing travellin’ man will appear in due course so stay tuned dog lovers.

– Benny


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