Recurring dreams/MacDougall, do you read me?

So this morning in the office, we’ve been chatting about the phenomenon of recurring dreams and whether or not we have one or two that are particular to us.

Me personally,  I have two to mention.

1,  I don’t get this anymore, but when I was a kid I dreamed it a few times. I’m living out in the countryside somewhere in an old caravan, roasting marshmallows on a fire in the evening and Jeremey Irons is my father….watching and reading Danny The Champion of The World had a big impact on me.

2, The one I get a lot as a grown up. I’m alone in a massive empty building, usually an airport, a shopping precinct or in the belly of a football ground. I think to my self ‘I shouldn’t be here’ and begin running down stairs. The stairs turn and turn ever downwards, I speed up, taking 3 at a time, eventually jumping down whole flights, faster and faster but before I reach the bottom, I wake up, every time, guaranteed.

One of these days maybe I’ll make it to the bottom and find myself at the gates of hell itself or reach a door and walk out of the place and never have that dream again, who knows?

Dan’s recurring dream is a bit sinister and frankly too disturbing to mention in print. Nik’s too was just….in fact the whole subject is so depressing I wish I’d never brought it up at all now.

Larry, on the other hand, never dreams. He views it as a waste of energy that can impact on business dealings the following day and potentially manifest itself in the form of financial loss. Such is his state of Zen, all extraneous thoughts are disregarded and expelled from his mind in his quest for complete and blessed enlightenment.

In other news, no word has yet been received from MacDougall, who yesterday struck out for Edinburgh before midday. We were expecting him to reach his nightly lodgings by sundown and report back to us with an email/text, but as yet no word has reached us at TDS Towers. We’re sure nothing’s happened, and that MacDougall has simply been enjoying his first night of Scottish hospitality for a couple of years. When he finally surfaces we’ll bring you up to date.

See ya.

– Benny


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