Scary Supermoon/MacDougall Update

Marnin to ye, tis Friday today. Dress down Friday at TDS Towers so we’re all sat here in our glad rags, feeling groovy.

Its also Dan’s birthday today and we all agree he’s looking great for 33.

Topic of the morning is the apparent ‘Supermoon Natural Disaster Theory’ that seems to be creeping about the web following the events in Japan. Seemingly everytime the Lunar Perigee comes about (when the moon appears bigger in the sky due to its unusually close proximity to the Earth) there seems to be some dreadful event that occurs around the same time down here.

Recent Lunar Perigee’s have been linked to Volcano’s erupting, Tsunami’s and Hurricane’s, all of which have made World News for the  significant and fateful impact they’ve had on their surrounding populations. With a couple of us here having friends and family in Japan right now, we’re hoping that everything rights it self in the region before long and the damage caused by the Earthquake and Tsunami is minimal.

You should Google ‘Super Moon theory’ or ‘Lunar Perigee’ if you’re interested in reading up on this supposed phenomenon and want some scientific fact and counter-fact on the subject.


As far as our little travellin’ man is concerned, MacDougall made it safely back from Edinburgh yesterday afternoon and has sent off for his photo’s to be developed this morning. Apparently he caused a bit of a scene with the guards outside Edinburgh Castle trying to get his photo taken, and escaped a night in the cells by the skin of his tiny teeth (or so he says, it was probably nothing).

He didn’t stick around here for long today, just bobbed in to pack some more porridge and clean blanket in his napsack before jumping in the truck and heading for Exeter with the Discovery Store workmen.

MacD has promised to pay Exeter’s St. James’ Park Football Ground a visit tomorrow and grab some more pictures to add to his upcoming photo tour diary.

Speaking of dogs, I’m going now to draw my winner for the Discovery Store Dog Giveaway that ends today at 12.00 – if you’ve entered, good luck to you!

Happy Friday

– Benny


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