Och Aye the NEW (computers)

We’re up and running with our new PC’s today at TDS, excited about the new possibilities they bring and all the cool video/music content we can start to utilise for our website and Youtube channel.

While Lawro and Dan are more than used to multiple simultaneous screen utilisation, I am today sat at a desk with two computer screens for the first time and feeling a little like I imagine Captain Kirk may have done as he took his first steps onto the bridge of The Enterprise.

Here’s a picture of my new set-up, a place where all my creative idea’s and writing/video/music/other stuff shall be wrought henceforth.

And if you think that’s impressive, wait till you a cop a load of Lawro’s set up!

Two screens (for now, he wants 3 to be on a par with Dan), a keyboardwho’s buttons glow RED in the dark, and a multi-buttoned uber-mouse that was apparently forged in the fiery pits of hell!

I’m sure Dan will blog about his set up later, and go into a lot more detail than I have here, but if you’ve come to the blog looking for info on MacDougall and his nationwide tour- rest assured, we have the pictures of the White, four legged one, and a ‘MacDougall Only’ post will follow at some point today, keep checking back.

If you lurk about here and read our blog, don’t be scared to comment – we appreciate you stalking around here silently and reading from afar, but come on – introduce yourselves, say something, make us laugh – GO ON!

Yours indupitably,

– Benny


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