The MacDougall Files: Diary of a Rolling Stone, Epidsode 1 – Edinburgh

Here we are then, the first of a running feature on the TDS blog: The photographic adventures of our lucky mascot MacDougall.

While Dan, Lawrence, Nik and I are content to sit in our cosy office, typing and editing and beavering and glaring (Lawrence) away, MacDougall is often vocal in his unrest. The long, sedentary hours of the workplace do not sit well with his adventurous nature – before long he is overtaken with wanderlust, the magnetic pull of road becomes too much and we have to let him go and get it out of his system, for our own sanities sake as much as his.

So, when MacD’s ears pricked up a couple of weeks ago when he heard the warehouse lads talking about a road trip to Edinburgh for some work, and he made those puppy dog eyes at us, we agreed to let him tag along – on the condition that he documented his travels in pictures and agreed for them to appear on the blog. With a yap of approval, he was off, camera in tow, head out of the passenger window like all good dogs do.

And here, as you can see, after a long trip across the border, Little M had a rare old time back in his homeland.

This shot shows our ‘Wee Mon’ outside the gates of Edinburgh Castle, where he apparently caused a bit of a stir with the guards for posing on the wall!

Picture 2 has MacDougall posing on the statue of Frederick, The Duke of York which overlooks Edinburgh.

And picture 3 here shows MacD, after one too many Single Malts, staggering loudly into a nearby Bagpipe shop where he attempted to regale shocked onlookers with an unhinged, freeform interpretation of ‘Scotland the Brave’.

We at the office would like to pass on our thanks to Phil, for escorting MacDougall back to the hotel at this point, and also to the shop keeper, for not contacting the authorities when he had every right too.

More from our Travelling Wilbury next week in ‘The MacDougall Files: Diary of a Rolling Stone, Episode 2 – Exeter’, see you all soon.

– Benny


One thought on “The MacDougall Files: Diary of a Rolling Stone, Epidsode 1 – Edinburgh

  1. If l had of won a MacDougall in your last comp l would have taken him on the cruise that l am going on x

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