The MacDougall Files: Diary of a Rolling Stone, Episode 2 – Exeter

After a day and night raising hairs across Edinburgh, the TDS crew and MacDougall eventually found their way back to the wagon and rolled out of town, as a relieved Scottish public bade them farewell and a not so quick return.

MacD’ slept most of the long way home, although he was heard to sing in his sleep a most ribald ditty about a woman from Swansea….

Arriving back at TDS Towers only for a clean blanket and some supplies for his kit bag, MadDougall was back out of the door before we even had time to collar him for a chat about his behaviour, and on that long road down and down to the deep South and Exeter.

After reviewing the photographs, and talking to his minders about their long weekend together, it seems MacDougall wisely opted for a quiet and sober 3 days.

With Exeter City away to Rochdale in the league on the Saturday, MacD’ took advantage of the quiet town centre and took a stroll to gather himself, posing for a few pleasant snaps for the blog as promised.

Here’s our little man posing at Lollards Tower under the coat of arms of Bishop Robertson. He scaled the railings just in time after setting up the trip-pod and the camera – well done lad!

MacDougall says he couldn’t resist a shot with the famous Blue Boy statue in the Princesshays Precinct – especially as he still bears the blue ‘Braveheart’ warpaint which he insisted on applying to him self  before setting off for Edinburgh last week!

Finally, MacDougall especially appreciated this poignant Blitz Memorial art piece by Roger Dean, a most excellent tribute to the city that endured repeated Luftwaffe bombings in 1942, which can also be found in Princesshays.

MaccyD is back home and resting now, but it won’t be long before he gets itchy paws again and needs to strike out on the road for new adventures.

Stay tuned for the next episode of The MacDougall Files: Diary of a Rolling Stone, and if you have any questions or comments for him, we’ll pass them on to the star of the show when he’s finally done snoozing.

– Benny


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