A beginners guide to caring for your Cy-Bug

Ok then – since our Cy-Bug competition a couple of weeks ago, we’ve seen a big increase in demand for our little outerspace buddies – they’re set to become the must have collectable of the summer.

With Cy-Bugs flying left, right and centre, to every far flung corner of the UK and well beyond, I thought I should maybe take 5 minutes to give you, the first time Cy-Bug owner, a ‘cut out and keep’ walkthrough guide to looking after your new pet.

Like the Mogwai, Cy-Bugs may appear harmless, docile and cute upon first reckoning, but left to their own devices they are a ticking time bomb of bad behaviour just waiting to pop when you’re not around.

Follow my essential tips here, and you and your 6-legged friend will get on just fine.

Number 1 – Free time.

It’s all well and good us wanting him to perform whenever we feel like it, but we must remember, he’s flown all the way through immeasurable time and space to get here – the least he deserves is a break now and again. Let him grab a snack, have a snooze or surf the net. Here, my pet Cy-Bug Geoff, is researching the Termapod v Exoforce backstory and checking out the TDS Facebook page.

Number 2 – Encourage him to interact with other animals

Cy-Bugs, Termapods in particular, can often prove to be resistant to other non-human members of the household. I would urge you to zap this problem in the bud before it becomes an issue. In this picture, Geoff meets Alaska, our office dog, for the first time. It was awkward to begin with, but after a short time they became firm friends.

Five minutes a day introducing your Cy-Bug to a pet, face to face, will usually straighten things out inside a week, meaning happy families.

The only real caution I would urge at this juncture would be to never leave Termapods alone with babies, as they tend to reserve a most virulent streak of jealousy towards youngsters.

Number 3 – Education

Granted, your much-travelled, Zecon Galaxy expatriate might well be able to explain to you the finer points of cloning your dead fathers DNA, from his own BLOOD…..but what can he tell you about 1950’s American sub-culture and the many great authors of the time? Exactly.

Since landing on Earth, Geoff here has been encouraged to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to reading and another 30 to creative writing. Here we find him swatting up on Jack Kerouac for his weekly test, which takes place on a Friday.

Number 4 – Introduce them to music

The music on Earth, in all its wonderful and dreadful variations, is all completely alien to the Cy-Bugs.

Your Cy-Bug is likely to become incredibly excited upon first hearing music, but go with it, try and put yourself in his shoes (all 6 of them). Let him go nuts and repeat songs over and over and over if thats what he wants, just remember it’s all new to him!

When introducing Geoff to music, I tended to let him make his own mind up on what he liked and not force anything on him. Suprisingly enough, he’s developed a passion for Whitesnake and is also extremely fond of The Carpenters, but he cannot understand the appeal of Donovan.

Number 5 – Discipline is king

In his first few weeks in your home, everything needs explaining to a Cy-Bug.

The do’s, the don’ts, the accepted wisdoms, the way you fold the bathroom towels, seat up, seat down, no talking after lights out etc.

It’s all common sense to you and I, but not, I’m afraid, to him.

Be firm with the rules, set your boundaries and stick to them. If a transgression occurs, rightly scold him with appropriate force. Likewise when he excells in his good behaviour, lavish him with praise to encourage him to do so in the future.

‘An iron hand in a velvet glove’ must be your mantra and everyone should know where they stand.

Number 6 – LOVE

The golden rule.

Yes, yes, yes, he’s torn across the universe, laying waste to planets innumerable, waging war on his own brother, deranged and insatiable in his lust for power – but all he really wants is a hug.

Don’t pay any attention to his macho spiel – be sure to spend 2 hours per week at the very minimum, cuddling and petting your Cy-Bug and you will be rewarded with a happy and contented pet who will last you a lifetime.

If you would like to know more regarding the care and welfare of Cy-Bugs, please get in touch with me and I’ll be delighted to discuss your questions with you.

Happy St. Patricks day!

– Benny


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