Wales v England

There’s only one topic on the lips of football fans this morning, and that’s the imminent home nations clash between Wales and England, where thoughts of qualification for Euro 2012 make way for an even more valuable commodity – bragging rights!

Whether you’re cheering on The Dragons or The Three Lions, you’re probably quietly confident that your lads have what it takes to win the day tomorrow.

Wales, cruelly shorn of an ‘injured’ Gareth Bale (again), will no doubt use the absence of their talisman to bolster a siege mentality commonlu assumed by the home nations when playing England. With ex-Premier League dangerbird Craig Bellamy leading the Welsh forward line, you can bet the England back four will be prepped for a tireless 90 minutes tomorrow, and Bellamy’s face-off with John Terry following ‘that’ interview last year guarantees a series of uncompromising encounters between the pair throughout the game.  Tasty!

England, as is customary, have been made clear favourites, although evidence from last summers South African farce, and the sprinkling of marquee international friendlys that Fabio Cappello’s squad has been outplayed in since, suggest his team is continually rated on individual potential and transfer market value rather than results in the bank.

If you ask us here at The Discovery Store, we reckon a 2-2 draw is on the cards, with Gary Speeds men opening in the first half, England drawing level before half time, taking the lead around the hour mark, before letting the Welsh in for a late penalty for the equalizer (Terry on Bellamy if you must know!).

We’re footy nuts here at TDS Towers, so here’s a little linkaroo to our Football Gifts Department.

Whoever you’re supporting, we hope you have a crackalacking weekend and that the game lives up to the hype.

– Benny


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