MacDougalls Big Night Out

So, after finally locating Wales v England match highlights on Saturday night (on Welsh TV with Welsh language commentary – beggars can’t be choosers), MacDougall and I settled down on the sofa with a Coke and some chocolate buttons.

After no more than 15 minutes, minutes to test a mans faith in International football admittedly, MacDougall leapt down off the sofa. Announcing he was a Scot, and as such wasn’t interested in watching two ‘inferior nations(!) pass this sort of garbage off as entertainment’, he grabbed his wallet and keys and headed for the door announcing he was going ‘out’.

‘Don’t forget the camera!’ were the last words he heard, and luckily for us, he didnt.

While I was tucked up on the settee with a blanket to save on central heating, scanning the tv in vain for something decent to watch, it seems MacDougall was well and truely, living la vida loca.

First stop – The local bars.

With Sessions taking place that evening, Scarborough town centre was fairly busy according to MacD, and he kicked off his evening in Klosters Bar. After a couple of light drinks and some subtle flirting, MacDougall didn’t waste any time in befriending a group of young women who promptly accompanied him to the next stop on his route.

After less than an hour, MacDougall’s voracious appetite coupled with his 100 MPH personality was proving too much for his newfound ladyfriend’s. As this picture shows, it wasn’t long before yawns were being had and Macca was looking out for a new set of friends with whom to carry on the party.

It was then that he happened upon a group of England fans, still celebrating the afternoons victory in Wales, and the mood of revelry ramped up a notch….

As you can see, the cuddles flowed as steadily as the drink! Long hours were spent slapping backs, buying drinks and generally sweeping national allegiance under the carpet as man embraced his fellow man (dog) in the name of drunken friendship. When the bar began to run dry and the conversation turned to Sandwiches, well, MacDougall was in dreamland!

Every night, no matter how good, has to meet its end eventually. With some of the lads getting tired and longing for their beds, some heading off to dance down town until what you and I call breakfast time and others wandering to the Casino to try their luck, MacDougall made his last stop – and where better to end up on a merry Saturday night than in the Kebab House? As this picture suggests, Maccy was certainly feeling the pace at this point.

At gone 4 am, I was awoken by the sound of crashing pots in the kitchen, and a small voice straining for the high-notes of Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’.

With a smile I turned over and looked forward to seeing the pictures of the evening.

Shortly afterwards, I heard panting behind me and a small paw came to rest on my shoulder……

– Benny