Easter Egg Competition WINNER!!!!

You probably know the result by now but if you do not, here is the winning entry to The Discovery Store’s Easter Egg Competition.

With a landslide victory, courtesy of a picture that appealled to both our creative and light hearted sensibilites, an artistic rendering that melted hearts and who’s incisive vision and avant-garde flair collected a staggering 124 ‘Likes’ in our Facebook Gallery, en route to a run away triumph – we at the TDS webteam are honoured to announce JAMES SIMPSON as the victor.


As you can see, it’s a work of quite singular brilliance, original and brimming with colour, humour and expression.

Congratulations James, well done to all our entrants, there were some genuinely ace (and terrible) eggs we got sent but we enjoyed looking through them all.

Let’s do it all again next year shall we?



It’s ‘Hug a Friend Day’ (Warning: Contains Dangerously Cute Picture)


After a bumper 4 day’s off in the sun (and cloud, with occasional showers, hailstones in Sheffield, and a full blown monsoon in Chelsea over the weekend) we at The Discovery Store are back, but for 3 days only!

Aye, good old Wills and Kate are getting hitched this coming Friday meaning we’ve a license to lay in yet again, followed by May Day, such a gay day, next Monday – so with this, the shortest working week in living memory, I’d better stop rambling and explain just what the hell it is I started this blog for, before time runs out….

Tuesday, 26th April, TODAY – National ‘Hug a Friend’ Day!

Today is the day when everyone, yes, even you, should find 20 seconds in their busy schedule to go to a buddy and say ‘Hey – put it there’ and share a cuddle in the name of love and good friendship. Like this.

You should never underestimate the power of the cuddle, so wield that power today and make somebody feel good with an unexpected power hug, NOW!

You know us at TDS by now, we’re always giving something away, aren’t we? To celebrate ‘Hug a Friend’ day we have a mega competition here, where you and your best bud can win a pamper day at a luxury QHotel!

If overnight accomodation for 2 people, Dinner, Bed and Breakfast and a day of relaxation and living it up sounds like your kind of trip, then get over to our competitions page on the above link and get yourself in the mix. Make sure you double dip by getting your friend to enter too, you’ve got more chance of scooping up the prize this way.

Ok, back to work now for me. The rest of you, get out there and start hugging.

– Benny

Bad News.

Ok folks, try to stay calm as you read this but we have some unfortunate news here concerning MacDougall.

Well, erm, the thing is, the other day in Ireland , when the lorry was supposed to set back off for home, oh how can we put this…..he’s gone.

The TDS Wagon was all set for pulling out of town when Phil raised the alarm. Scrambling around the cabin they found no sign of MacD apart from an ominous scrap of notepad paper (see below)

Needless to say the emotions were running high at this point. What could have caused this within MacDougall? He had seemed so full of hope and optimism for the future when he had set off for Ballymena last week, how could things have gone down hill so rapidly for him to want to do something like this?

Perhaps his restless nomadic existence, constantly on the road, never in the same town too long, had finally left him longing for a final resting place?  Had the endless stream of parties and whisky and women rendered him just another Rock n Roll casualty, merely a statistic on that fateful list of those who lived too fast, too young and left us behind all too soon?

Phil wiped away the tears and nodded in acceptance of the facts, Dave was on his knee’s, head flung back, screaming for his buddy MacDougall with his arms raised to the heavens, and Will, being Will, gazed vacantly into the middle distance and said nothing.

And then, when they looked again, they saw this…

If you can’t read it, I’ll transcribe it for you – it follows on from the first message and reads as follows.

‘of The Channel, sorry about that guys, I ran out ink (sic) and didn’t have enough room on the paper to finish the message.

Drive safe, I’m gonna make my own way over there and stop by at an old ‘friends’ house 😉

See you lads in Cambridge or Cardiff, unless I get any better offers.

Party On, dudes


SO HE’S ALIIIIIVE!!!! He’s not done anything out of character, he’s not joined the ‘stupid’ club, in short he is most definitely not dead, he’s just exploring about on his own for a few days, getting his head clear and banking some experiences for when he’s old. Gotta have something to tell the GrandPups, eh?

PHEW!! Touch and go for a minute there wasn’t it?!

Have a happy Easter Holidays everyone and we’ll be back next week. Chocs away!

– Benny

New MacDougall pictures coming sooooon.

Hiya peeps, just a quick update for you’s.

Right first off, MacDougall is on the road again, currently roaming the wilds of Ireland with the Discovery Store shop fitting team.

We anticipate pictorial evidence of his cross channel adventure in the next couple of days, so you’ll see what he got up to very soon. After Ireland, the wee white one is also pencilled in for stop offs in Cardiff and Cambridge in the coming weeks – the lucky little b……

Away from our wagtail wanderer, we have news of a new competition for you this week – and it’s a little bit spesh. More info before we break up for 4 days for Easter this Thursday – WHOOP WHOOP!!

Going now, back tomorrow with the good stuff!

– Benny

Close Encounters/New product’s

Hiya pals, got something of a TDS exclusive for you here.

Currently, our MD and a pair of his minions are scouring the furthest corners of Planet Earth for new stock for us to sell – and today I am invested with the honour of unveiling the first fruits of their labour – The Remote Control UFO Air Galaxy.

‘The  Air Galaxy puts you at the helm of your very own Flying Saucer! Pop open the flight hatch, engage the lights and slide the launch the button to take your flashing space craft on a journey into the night sky!’

When we first cracked this unassuming Flying Saucer out of the packaging we had no idea of the jaw-dropping excitement that lay in store for us once we whacked in some batteries and gave it a 5 minute charge.

Opening up the flight hatch and gently ramping up the speed button, the lights start to flicker, the propellers whir and with one last push, WOOOOOOOOSH, the foam craft takes off from the centre of the control pod and arcs across the roam in a blur of neon light, as a wobbly ’60s Doctor Who’ noise rents the air!

To put it (almost) exactly how Nikki did: ‘I say, my good man! That’s about the jolly best thing I’ve seen for a gay old while!’

Here’s a couple of pictures we took while the thing was in action. Excuse the lo-fi grainy look of the pictures, I had my camera set to a lower quality to really milk that ‘Is it/Isn’t it?’ style UFO picture you used to see in the olden days on the telly.

Ace or what?!!

I’ll be bringing you loads more new product sneaky peaks over the coming weeks, so keep reading the blog. Knowing TDS as you do,  there may be a quickfire competition for the eagle-eyed readers somwhere along the way.

Right, I’d better make triple sure this Flying Saucer is working 100% before I take it back to the warehouse, eh?

Until then Star Trekkers….

– Benny

‘Sing us a song, you’re the Pyanoman’

If you saw Channel 5’s The Gadget Show this Monday, you may have noticed Ortis wearing a tie designed like a piano keyboard.

Well folks, that tie wasn’t just any old average tie, it was in fact a battery powered, musical playable piano tie with real piano sounds!

The playable Piano Tie means music is never far away from your fingertips.

Serenade your office sweetheart by tinkling out the Eastenders theme in the canteen, impress a prospective employer with a musical job interview, rouse your fellow commuters with a stirring re-endition of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #5 or compose brand new tunes on the hoof just because you can!

In the supermarket queue, in a meeting, at the traffic lights, in the waiting room, on the bus,  at a funeral, in court – in fact anywhere you happen to be!

The Discovery Store enjoys bringing you random and quirky gifts for the whole family and this wacky Piano Tie fits the bills the perfectly!

Tech Specs
– Requires 2 x AG13
– Playable piano keyboard with mini-speaker

The playable Piano Tie makes the pitch perfect party trick and an essential gift for the virtuoso in your life who simply has to have a instrument to hand for when inspiration strikes!

Take it away Maestro…….

– Benny

Moon Landing Conspiracies and Space chat

Afternoon folks.

According to Google, today marks the 50th anniversary of ‘The First Human Flying into Space’. American propaganda, it seems, still hasn’t subsided since the end of the Cold War, so we’ll say it on Google’s behalf.

Today in fact marks the 50th anniversary of Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s journey into space, the first by any human being and to recognise this momentous day, we thought our Rocket Alarm Clock a fitting item to publicise as ‘TDS Product of the Day’.

As well as being a great excuse for relevant product promotion, today’s anniversary also brings me to a most contentious point, particular within the office here at TDS Towers last week.

Question: ‘Once ‘we’ actually got up there in space, what did we do? Did we REALLY go to the moon?!’

You might be of the opinion that ‘Yes, rather obviously, we really did go to the moon, it was on telly’ or ‘No WAY, it was all a White House cover up to silence the Russians!!!’ or perhaps you’re undecided and can’t seperate the facts from the fiction. Or maybe you don’t care?!

One things for sure, any talk of faked moon landings always throws up relayed half-baked truths and regurgitated accepted wisdoms that we’ve heard and thought sounded plausible but never really studied for conclusive verification before we pass them on to our friends.

‘The whole thing was filmed in the desert!’, ‘The US flag was flapping in the wind but there’s no atmosphere on the moon!’, ‘There’s no stars in any of the pictures’ – all commonly occuring rebuttals of the White Houses pictorial ‘proof’ of the Lunar landings. Our own favourite theory in the TDS web office originated from Dan who claimed ‘There’s no way the 60’s aircraft could’ve made it through the Van Halen radiation belt….’

That’s Van Allen, Dan. Van Allen.

Perhaps you’ve never actually heard of the Moon Landing conspiracies and you’re reading this thinking ‘What IS this fruit talking about?’, or maybe you’re an avid conspiracist and are eager to know more about the theories I’ve alluded to here? Well Google it today with an open mind and after reading what you find, ask yourself this:

Am I convinced either way?

Can I say that after considering all the evidence submitted from both sides in the last 42 years that I am absolutely certain that we did/did not land on the surface of the moon?

Prepare to read some compelling, baffling, humorous and startling evidence concerning lunar dust, blast marks, faked pictures, cross-hairs, stage props, moon rocks, slowed down video tape, invisible stars and 60’s technology performing ‘impossible’ tasks.

Until next time, Space Cadets……..

– Benny

The Discovery Store Easter Egg Competition

Alright folks, here’s another competition for you.

Not gonna lie, it’s Monday morning and we couldn’t think of a better name for this easter egg competition, so we’re sticking to the facts with the title.

Allow me to introduce to you – The Discovery Store Easter Egg……Competition. Ahem.

Winning this particular competition is going to take skill, it’s going to take artistic flare, it’s going to take….about 15 minutes or something to enter.

All you have to do is download this…..

Open it up in ‘Paint’ or a similar program and turn it into something like this….

When it’s done, simply send your entry to competitions@thediscoverystore.net and we’ll upload it to our Facebook gallery. The two pictures with the most ‘Likes’ will win the grand prizes. Winners will be verified on Tuesday 26th April and for full T&C’s see our Competitions section here.

Generally speaking there is only one rule for this competition, apart from no eggs with adult content…..so there are really only two rules for this competition…as well as the one about one entry per person….THERE ARE THREE RULES with this competition.

1. No adult/offensive content – it won’t get published and we will not find it amusing in the office (we will but your still not getting published, pervert)

2. Only one entry per person. No entering under assumed identities. Grow up.

3. BE CREATIVE!!!! This is the golden rule. We want to see humour, idea’s, lateral thinking – dig deep for your genius and create your masterpiece!

Good luck everybody – we await your pictures with a lusty anticipation.


General Update-a-roo

Tuesday 5th April, I have just enough time to cram in as much information as I can before I get back to serious work. In 3-2-1 here goes…

Been planning a new competition today for easter, not saying too much yet but it’s one for the young kiddies out there and the artistic ones amongst them at that. Adults can join in too but we’re not stupid here at The Discovery Store (pantomime season is gone, cease and desist) so you’d better disguise your work effectively if you want to enter the comp under false pretences – anyone found to be abusing their parental priviledges by impersonating a child will be named and shamed. More details of the comp to follow shortly.

Twitter – we need more Twitter followers if we’re ever going to give away this mountain of prizes that we have to walk past on a daily basis. If you don’t follow @discovery_store you’ll never win, will you?

MacDougall’s Dog Blog will return with a vengeance this month as he journeys around the UK with the TDS lads on ‘business’. Ireland, amongst other ports of call, is on the agenda at some point and little Mac has promised to visually document his travels for his clan of clammering fans as usual.

Big night for Spurs in Spain tonight, or as they say in Madrid, if you watch Sky Sports at least, Totte’kham Kho’Spa. I am going to lay my prediction right on you and say 3-1 Madrid tonite, leaving just enough room for a 2-0 Spurs win at the Lane in the 2nd leg to see Tottenham squeak through on away goals. It has the makings of a classic and lets hope so.

Finally – there were a number of unclaimed prizes from the 1000 Facebook Likes competition. This will be allocated new homes this week so watch out for a video on Facebook.

Right, gotta go now.

– Benny

TV Appearance

First off, sorry I’ve been a wee bit quiet this last week – had a topsy turvy 7 days full of meetings, illness and personal stuff to sort out with MacDougall. It’s sorted now but it was touch and go for a while there.

The aim of this blog post however, is not to air my dirty laundry or seek sympathy, nor indeed to publicly shame MacDougall for what he did last week to hurt me so badly, but to announce that in one weeks time, The Discovery Store are to have a selection of products featured on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show!

With the help of a much celebrated pair of Rotherham fans, a batch of our practical jokes will be used by the presenters to try and make the duo laugh, and their audible response will be measured via our Equalizer T-shirts, which reacts graphically to sounds. The aim of the exercise I believe, is to ‘measure’ which of our joke products is the funniest – mega idea!

I know which product my money would be on, but whether they’d allow that sort of language to be aired on pre-watershed family television is another matter. Still if Wayne Rooney can get away with it….

The Gadget Show featuring TDS airs next Monday, the 11th April, on Channel 5 at 8pm, but catch the repeats of old episodes too when you can, ‘cos it’s funny, informative and more than half the cast are good looking – what other show can you say that about on all counts?

And after the show airs next week, well who knows, we might have a little something to give away to a lucky person, I couldn’t possibly comment any further. Probably won’t have a Piano Tie give away though..sorry about that!

Excuse me….

– Benny

PS – A Yuuuuuge Thank You to the presenters of The Gadget Show – Jason, Polly, Suzi, Ortis, Jon and also Simon for sorting everything out – from everyone here on the TDS Web Squad.