TV Appearance

First off, sorry I’ve been a wee bit quiet this last week – had a topsy turvy 7 days full of meetings, illness and personal stuff to sort out with MacDougall. It’s sorted now but it was touch and go for a while there.

The aim of this blog post however, is not to air my dirty laundry or seek sympathy, nor indeed to publicly shame MacDougall for what he did last week to hurt me so badly, but to announce that in one weeks time, The Discovery Store are to have a selection of products featured on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show!

With the help of a much celebrated pair of Rotherham fans, a batch of our practical jokes will be used by the presenters to try and make the duo laugh, and their audible response will be measured via our Equalizer T-shirts, which reacts graphically to sounds. The aim of the exercise I believe, is to ‘measure’ which of our joke products is the funniest – mega idea!

I know which product my money would be on, but whether they’d allow that sort of language to be aired on pre-watershed family television is another matter. Still if Wayne Rooney can get away with it….

The Gadget Show featuring TDS airs next Monday, the 11th April, on Channel 5 at 8pm, but catch the repeats of old episodes too when you can, ‘cos it’s funny, informative and more than half the cast are good looking – what other show can you say that about on all counts?

And after the show airs next week, well who knows, we might have a little something to give away to a lucky person, I couldn’t possibly comment any further. Probably won’t have a Piano Tie give away though..sorry about that!

Excuse me….

– Benny

PS – A Yuuuuuge Thank You to the presenters of The Gadget Show – Jason, Polly, Suzi, Ortis, Jon and also Simon for sorting everything out – from everyone here on the TDS Web Squad.


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