General Update-a-roo

Tuesday 5th April, I have just enough time to cram in as much information as I can before I get back to serious work. In 3-2-1 here goes…

Been planning a new competition today for easter, not saying too much yet but it’s one for the young kiddies out there and the artistic ones amongst them at that. Adults can join in too but we’re not stupid here at The Discovery Store (pantomime season is gone, cease and desist) so you’d better disguise your work effectively if you want to enter the comp under false pretences – anyone found to be abusing their parental priviledges by impersonating a child will be named and shamed. More details of the comp to follow shortly.

Twitter – we need more Twitter followers if we’re ever going to give away this mountain of prizes that we have to walk past on a daily basis. If you don’t follow @discovery_store you’ll never win, will you?

MacDougall’s Dog Blog will return with a vengeance this month as he journeys around the UK with the TDS lads on ‘business’. Ireland, amongst other ports of call, is on the agenda at some point and little Mac has promised to visually document his travels for his clan of clammering fans as usual.

Big night for Spurs in Spain tonight, or as they say in Madrid, if you watch Sky Sports at least, Totte’kham Kho’Spa. I am going to lay my prediction right on you and say 3-1 Madrid tonite, leaving just enough room for a 2-0 Spurs win at the Lane in the 2nd leg to see Tottenham squeak through on away goals. It has the makings of a classic and lets hope so.

Finally – there were a number of unclaimed prizes from the 1000 Facebook Likes competition. This will be allocated new homes this week so watch out for a video on Facebook.

Right, gotta go now.

– Benny


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