Moon Landing Conspiracies and Space chat

Afternoon folks.

According to Google, today marks the 50th anniversary of ‘The First Human Flying into Space’. American propaganda, it seems, still hasn’t subsided since the end of the Cold War, so we’ll say it on Google’s behalf.

Today in fact marks the 50th anniversary of Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s journey into space, the first by any human being and to recognise this momentous day, we thought our Rocket Alarm Clock a fitting item to publicise as ‘TDS Product of the Day’.

As well as being a great excuse for relevant product promotion, today’s anniversary also brings me to a most contentious point, particular within the office here at TDS Towers last week.

Question: ‘Once ‘we’ actually got up there in space, what did we do? Did we REALLY go to the moon?!’

You might be of the opinion that ‘Yes, rather obviously, we really did go to the moon, it was on telly’ or ‘No WAY, it was all a White House cover up to silence the Russians!!!’ or perhaps you’re undecided and can’t seperate the facts from the fiction. Or maybe you don’t care?!

One things for sure, any talk of faked moon landings always throws up relayed half-baked truths and regurgitated accepted wisdoms that we’ve heard and thought sounded plausible but never really studied for conclusive verification before we pass them on to our friends.

‘The whole thing was filmed in the desert!’, ‘The US flag was flapping in the wind but there’s no atmosphere on the moon!’, ‘There’s no stars in any of the pictures’ – all commonly occuring rebuttals of the White Houses pictorial ‘proof’ of the Lunar landings. Our own favourite theory in the TDS web office originated from Dan who claimed ‘There’s no way the 60’s aircraft could’ve made it through the Van Halen radiation belt….’

That’s Van Allen, Dan. Van Allen.

Perhaps you’ve never actually heard of the Moon Landing conspiracies and you’re reading this thinking ‘What IS this fruit talking about?’, or maybe you’re an avid conspiracist and are eager to know more about the theories I’ve alluded to here? Well Google it today with an open mind and after reading what you find, ask yourself this:

Am I convinced either way?

Can I say that after considering all the evidence submitted from both sides in the last 42 years that I am absolutely certain that we did/did not land on the surface of the moon?

Prepare to read some compelling, baffling, humorous and startling evidence concerning lunar dust, blast marks, faked pictures, cross-hairs, stage props, moon rocks, slowed down video tape, invisible stars and 60’s technology performing ‘impossible’ tasks.

Until next time, Space Cadets……..

– Benny


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