Close Encounters/New product’s

Hiya pals, got something of a TDS exclusive for you here.

Currently, our MD and a pair of his minions are scouring the furthest corners of Planet Earth for new stock for us to sell – and today I am invested with the honour of unveiling the first fruits of their labour – The Remote Control UFO Air Galaxy.

‘The  Air Galaxy puts you at the helm of your very own Flying Saucer! Pop open the flight hatch, engage the lights and slide the launch the button to take your flashing space craft on a journey into the night sky!’

When we first cracked this unassuming Flying Saucer out of the packaging we had no idea of the jaw-dropping excitement that lay in store for us once we whacked in some batteries and gave it a 5 minute charge.

Opening up the flight hatch and gently ramping up the speed button, the lights start to flicker, the propellers whir and with one last push, WOOOOOOOOSH, the foam craft takes off from the centre of the control pod and arcs across the roam in a blur of neon light, as a wobbly ’60s Doctor Who’ noise rents the air!

To put it (almost) exactly how Nikki did: ‘I say, my good man! That’s about the jolly best thing I’ve seen for a gay old while!’

Here’s a couple of pictures we took while the thing was in action. Excuse the lo-fi grainy look of the pictures, I had my camera set to a lower quality to really milk that ‘Is it/Isn’t it?’ style UFO picture you used to see in the olden days on the telly.

Ace or what?!!

I’ll be bringing you loads more new product sneaky peaks over the coming weeks, so keep reading the blog. Knowing TDS as you do,  there may be a quickfire competition for the eagle-eyed readers somwhere along the way.

Right, I’d better make triple sure this Flying Saucer is working 100% before I take it back to the warehouse, eh?

Until then Star Trekkers….

– Benny