Bad News.

Ok folks, try to stay calm as you read this but we have some unfortunate news here concerning MacDougall.

Well, erm, the thing is, the other day in Ireland , when the lorry was supposed to set back off for home, oh how can we put this…..he’s gone.

The TDS Wagon was all set for pulling out of town when Phil raised the alarm. Scrambling around the cabin they found no sign of MacD apart from an ominous scrap of notepad paper (see below)

Needless to say the emotions were running high at this point. What could have caused this within MacDougall? He had seemed so full of hope and optimism for the future when he had set off for Ballymena last week, how could things have gone down hill so rapidly for him to want to do something like this?

Perhaps his restless nomadic existence, constantly on the road, never in the same town too long, had finally left him longing for a final resting place?  Had the endless stream of parties and whisky and women rendered him just another Rock n Roll casualty, merely a statistic on that fateful list of those who lived too fast, too young and left us behind all too soon?

Phil wiped away the tears and nodded in acceptance of the facts, Dave was on his knee’s, head flung back, screaming for his buddy MacDougall with his arms raised to the heavens, and Will, being Will, gazed vacantly into the middle distance and said nothing.

And then, when they looked again, they saw this…

If you can’t read it, I’ll transcribe it for you – it follows on from the first message and reads as follows.

‘of The Channel, sorry about that guys, I ran out ink (sic) and didn’t have enough room on the paper to finish the message.

Drive safe, I’m gonna make my own way over there and stop by at an old ‘friends’ house 😉

See you lads in Cambridge or Cardiff, unless I get any better offers.

Party On, dudes


SO HE’S ALIIIIIVE!!!! He’s not done anything out of character, he’s not joined the ‘stupid’ club, in short he is most definitely not dead, he’s just exploring about on his own for a few days, getting his head clear and banking some experiences for when he’s old. Gotta have something to tell the GrandPups, eh?

PHEW!! Touch and go for a minute there wasn’t it?!

Have a happy Easter Holidays everyone and we’ll be back next week. Chocs away!

– Benny


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