It’s ‘Hug a Friend Day’ (Warning: Contains Dangerously Cute Picture)


After a bumper 4 day’s off in the sun (and cloud, with occasional showers, hailstones in Sheffield, and a full blown monsoon in Chelsea over the weekend) we at The Discovery Store are back, but for 3 days only!

Aye, good old Wills and Kate are getting hitched this coming Friday meaning we’ve a license to lay in yet again, followed by May Day, such a gay day, next Monday – so with this, the shortest working week in living memory, I’d better stop rambling and explain just what the hell it is I started this blog for, before time runs out….

Tuesday, 26th April, TODAY – National ‘Hug a Friend’ Day!

Today is the day when everyone, yes, even you, should find 20 seconds in their busy schedule to go to a buddy and say ‘Hey – put it there’ and share a cuddle in the name of love and good friendship. Like this.

You should never underestimate the power of the cuddle, so wield that power today and make somebody feel good with an unexpected power hug, NOW!

You know us at TDS by now, we’re always giving something away, aren’t we? To celebrate ‘Hug a Friend’ day we have a mega competition here, where you and your best bud can win a pamper day at a luxury QHotel!

If overnight accomodation for 2 people, Dinner, Bed and Breakfast and a day of relaxation and living it up sounds like your kind of trip, then get over to our competitions page on the above link and get yourself in the mix. Make sure you double dip by getting your friend to enter too, you’ve got more chance of scooping up the prize this way.

Ok, back to work now for me. The rest of you, get out there and start hugging.

– Benny