The Fathers Day Wall of Fame.

Dads everywhere display certain traits unique to that of a Father.

When the time comes for you to fly the nest and you go to view your first Flat, Dads not stood there with you and Mum talking about floral colour schemes now, is he?

No, he’s checking for hollow walls with the tried and trusted ‘Basil Fawlty’ method.

And when you lose something valuable like your phone or your keys, whats the first thing Dad asks? Yes, exactly.

And who else in your house stands up half way through dinner to go and check that you haven’t left any lights on upstairs or plug sockets on standby that might add to the electricity bill?

But apart from being prudent, pragmatic and practically minded, every Dad has his own little saying, a Dad Mantra if you will. A little something that he can impart every now and then to remind you of the rules of the house and who makes them.

The Dad Mantra could also be that little nugget of wisdom that you hear so often throughout your formative years and on into adulthood, that one day, you find yourself accidently saying it to your own children too.

Good examples include ‘My house, my rules’, ‘I’m not made of money’, ‘I want, never gets’, ‘When you buy your own telly, you can choose what to watch’, ‘Alright, there’s no need to ****ing swear’ , ‘You’re not going out in THAT!’ etc etc

In honour of Dads everywhere this Fathers Days, what we want to hear are your Dads personal motto’s, catchphrases and pearls of enlightenment. They can be as crashingly self-explanatory, as comically nonsensical or as humorously hypocritical as you like – just send them to us at, along with your name and the name of the quotee and we’ll post them on our Fathers Day Wall of Fame. We’ll even choose our favourites to be posted on Facebook and Twitter….of course, any embarrassing pictures you want to send us too, you know us 😉

So come on guys, give Dad the recognition he deserves and show him that you were listening to him all along.
– Benny


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