It’s Festival Time!

The coming of June can mean only one thing – it’s officially the start of Festival Season!

Time to throw off the shackles of the working week, for 2 or 3 days at least, and lose yourself, in a farmers field somewhere, caked in mud, waving a flag, wearing a silly hat and homemade cow-print dungarees, straining to hear the band that’s on a stage 500 metres away and look like little Subbuteo men with tiny guitars.

The amount of festivals being promoted and staged in the UK has gone bananas in the last decade, but one and one alone still rules almighty over the spate of young pretenders to its throne.


It’s 41 years since Worthy Farm, between the villages of Pilton and Pylle, hosted the first festival, welcoming in just 1,500 long haired music lovers, enticed by the prospect of a headline performance by Marc Bolans Tyrannosaurus Rex, in addition to as much fresh milk as they could drink – all for just £1!

Nowadays the Festival is home to 0ver 170, 000 festy goers, from all corners of the world, with tickets costing considerably more than £1, and 100’s of acts playing across the many stages over the course of 5 days. This year, the first shows are staged on the evening of Wednesday 22nd June, building up during Thursday to performances from U2, for the first time ever at the festival, on Friday, Coldplay on Saturday with the lights finally being brought down on Sunday 26th June by uber-diva Beyonce Knowles.

If you’re making your way to Somerset this year to experience the festival, there are a certain few things that you absolutely don’t want to be left without. Allow us to present to you, The Discovery Store Glastonbury Survival Guide, 5 items that will see you right this summer, no matter what happens!

1) The Multi Tool LED Keychain

The Keyring with more hidden secrets than a crooked politician!

The Multi Tool has helped many a camper/festival goer out a tight spot since we put it on sale. With both Phillips head and flat head screw drivers, a knife, a bottle opener, an awl and an LED light under the bonnet, the Multi Tool gives you a fighting chance in any survival situation…well… the very least if your tent needs a midnight repair or you need to perform some emergency surgery on your acoustic guitar, the Multi Tool might just save your bacon.

2)Programmable Message Fan

The fan that leads a double life!

With space to store up to four messages, the Programmable Message Fan can flash up the names of your favourite bands helping you to stand out in the crowds this summer as well as staying cool!

3) Beer Hat

Look Mum, no hands!

Granted, you will look like a plonker wearing this but forget appearances, this is Glastonbury, everybody’s at it. You probably look sensible. Instead rejoice in the fact that you’re the envy of all who stand about you, as you guzzle the gas while retaining the freedom of both hands for the obligatory ‘clapping above the head’ action that has become law at loud concerts.

4) LED Book Light

‘Shine a light, Guv’nor!’

Tents have certainly evolved down the years, but as yet no-one’s managed to build one with a  lightbulb built in.

Midnight reading aside (yeah, we’re sure you’ll get through tons of reading at Glastonbury), the LED booklight comes in handy for all sorts inside a dark tent. We’ll let you decide how best to employ it….

5) Hand Warmers

Yes, yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking – but anyone who remembers the tides of rain and 3 foot deep mud of Glasto ’97 will know just how unpredictable the weather can be during Festival season. You might feel like a wally buying a hand warmer on the eve of summer, but rest assured, you can be smug AND snug if the going gets chilly.

Take our advice and don’t get caught out at the Festivals this year. You know us, we’d hate to have to say we told you so 🙂

Enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

– Benny