A Comprehensive guide to Remote Control Helicopters this Christmas

There are plenty of people in the world who fly RC Helicopters regularly. Remote Control Helicopters constitute a major hobby for some people. But for those of us who are new to this awesome hobby and for people who want to buy remote controlled helicopters as Christmas gifts for family & friends, they may need a little help. So being the helpful souls that we are, we’ve put together the most comprehensive guide to choosing the right RC Heli! This most excellent RC Helicopter guide is brand new and exclusive to The Discovery Store because we love radio control helicopters more than anyone else!

So, we’ve got 3 brand new remote control helicopters to add to our remote control range: the RC Helicopter – Air Discovery, RC Helicopter – Air Aviator & RC Helicopter – Air Cheetah. What is so special, unique and downright technically advanced about these new RC helicopters is that they are made of super strong, durable and light weight metal: a fantastic development on previous Remote Control helicopter materials. But that is not all. These 3 RC helicopters also have built in gyros. Why would remote control helicopters need a gyro I ask you? Well a remote control helicopter with a gyro is a seriously improved remote control machine. Well, the Gyro gives your RC Heli increased stability and control, to help you avoid those nasty accidents.

For an older child, we recommend a middle range, 3 channel RC helicopter with a difficulty rating of 3/5, such as the RC Helicopter – Air Tiger. Of the metal helicopters, the RC helicopter – Air Cheetah is the easiest to fly. Once you’ve mastered flying an RC helicopter within your range and ability, you’ll feel confident to advance your remote control helicopter flying skills to an upgraded model.

Well I hope I’ve been helpful, but that’s enough of me yabbering on. Take a peek at our comprehensive guide to remote control helicopters, which you can find on any of the helicopters product pages, and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email The Discovery Store and our remote controlled helicopter expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Flying!



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My name is Saffy Watson and I am going to help ease you through the nightmare of Christmas shopping. I am­­­­­ Saffy by name and savvy by nature, I will help you find cool and unusual gifts with the WOW factor but that won’t break the bank.

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