The Men In Your Life

My name is Saffy Watson and I am going to help ease you through the nightmare of Christmas shopping. I am­­­­­ Saffy by name and savvy by nature, I will help you find cool and unusual gifts with the WOW factor but that won’t break the bank.

Don’t you just love this time of year when the nights are drawing in and the trees are just starting to turn the red and gold shades of autumn and yet we still manage to enjoy a few hours of sunshine (on the good days). These are all the signs that it is time to start thinking about starting my preparations for Christmas shopping, I like being organised so I start by preparing a list of who I have to buy Christmas presents for and go from there.

You may be thinking I am starting early but with a family as big as mine I need to start in good time making up my list, and don’t be deceived, I know it feels like the kids have only just gone back to school but they are off again already for half term! And there is only 53 shopping days to Christmas! No matter how organised I try to be I guarantee you I will still be frantic in the last week searching for unusual gifts for the last remaining candidates on my list.

Last year I got caught out by the weather, I had done my list in good time (or so I thought) and was working my way through my purchases nicely then, it snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed. It won’t catch me out this year though because………………….. My New Year’s resolution for 2011 was to shop for Christmas presents early this year.

So here goes………………

This week I am concentrating on the men in my life, they are always hardest to buy for.

For my boyfriend James I am putting together a little stocking of goodies and treats, he enjoys a tipple at our local pub the Dog and Duck so for him I was going to go for the Half Yard of Ale Glass, but then I had second thoughts as this would give him an excuse when he is late to pick me up, I can hear it now “Hi Saffy my sweet sorry I’m late, I only had 1 drink on the way here”, yeh right! 1 Half a Yard! I don’t think so! I would need one of those Voice Blaster Megaphones to call him out of the Bar! I have decided instead to start his stocking with a Newton’s Cradle, we were reminiscing the other day about the sixties and seventies and I remember my Dad used to have one of these, I was fascinated as a kid, thought it was magic the way the balls kick out from the sides, click, clack, click, clack.

My younger brothers are gadget and gizmo men, mad, mad, mad about remote control cars and remote control helicopters, last year I bought one of the new ones, an R/C Cheetah with 4 channels a giro and a metal body. He loved it; it was all we could do to get Sam to put it down to have his
Christmas dinner! Well Sam will be pleased as punch with his R/C Air Discovery this year, it is twice the size of last year’s model and has a metal body as well. Ryan got one of those experience days to drive a rally car for his birthday this year so as a memento of that spectacular day I have got him a remote control Drifter Car, I saw a video of it being demonstrated, WOW, I know he will love it!

So that’s me started on my Christmas shopping mission for the men in my life. Next week I’ll be enlightening you on my spectacular finds for the girls so got to go now and do some work to earn the pennies for next week’s purchases, BBFN.