Let us learn a lesson from the victims of Download 2011 Festival… REST IN PEACE! Make sure you have the essential festival clothing this year! Get off on the right foot with the Festival Feet to relive soaked feet and ruined shoes #thebinlinersarenotagoodlook! Image

Don’t miss out on your favourite band or DJ because you’re running back to your tent for your hunters! These feet-savers can be easily stored in your pocket so when the weather takes a turn for the worse you can keep your spot at the front of the crowd by simply slipping on your Festival Feet. Also… you cannot be without our BRAND NEW Retro Arcade Poncho! Do not be ripped off by an evil festival stall to have your perfect festival attire concealed by an expensive bin bag-looking waterproof! Stay dry and looking chic with the contemporary retro mac to be prepared for all circumstances. Give yourself piece of mind that whatever the weather you know you’ve bagged the best festival wear to keep the festivities alive!

You know how you get when you’re cold and wet – massively grumpy! We’re all guilty of it! We have another solution for you… the Snuggle Fleece – blanket with sleeves! This allows you night-long ravers to wrap up warm inside and outside the tent. You’ll need it when the hangover from hell sets in or when those late night toilet runs come knocking! Speaking of staggering to the toilet, you don’t want to fall anywhere nasty or stumble upon the wrong tent because you didn’t pack a Dynamo Torch to light your way- a must-have festival essential!

Ah yes, toilet roll – the holy grail of festivals. FACT! Stock up and stock up big! Add some entertainment to those delightful portaloo experiences with the Crap Jokes Toilet Roll, so no matter how crappy it gets, you know you can still have a laugh! Another festival essential we’ve stocked for you is the Multi Tool LED Keychain. May your wood be drilled, your tins be unclosed, your nights be illuminated, and most importantly, may your bottles be opened! You will find it all compacted in the handy Multi Tool keychain.

Now, enough of the practical stuff! Don’t waste any drinking time and put on the Beer Hat so you can multi-task whilst making your way to the campsite or erecting the tents, life is just too short! You can set up your section of the campsite with the Football Chair and the Inflatable Beanie Chair to rest your dancing feet! Their waterproof quality means that you can embrace the outdoors no matter what the weather whilst they provide a comfy haven to rest your legs, a festival essential after a night of dancing! Let the drinking commence by filling up the Jager Bomb shot glasses, so you can enjoy bar-quality drinks in the wilderness!


Festival Essentials – we’ve got it all!