Are you heading for the big 21!?

The 21st birthday is a big one, possibly the BIGGEST and therefore needs to be the BEST. An outrageous celebration with copious amounts of alcohol, fun and games is therefore a must. Well, we’ve put together 10 simple steps for you to follow in order to have the best 21st birthday party yet!

Ingredients needed:

First of all you need to do the preparations:

1. Make a play list of party tunes on your iPod. Make sure it’s some upbeat tunes, something that’s going to set the atmosphere and get people up and dancing!

2. Plug the iPod into the Rock Amp and place out of the way. On a high shelf would be ideal, so it’s out of the way from potential spillages and everyone can hear the music!

3. Prepare the Vodka Jelly Mould. Begin by mixing 300ml of boiling water (in a jug) with your chosen jelly flavour. Then add vodka and mix well. Pour the mixture into the Vodka Jelly Mould and allow it to set. Once ready, place the vodka jelly contents onto a plate so it’s ready to serve.

4. Next, take out the Giant Wine Glasses and an equal number of wine bottles (yep, it’s one glass per bottle). Crack open the bottle and pour all contents of bottle into glass.

5. Repeat step four until all wine bottles are empty.

6. Take out the Black Wine Glasses for those non-alcoholics attending the party and fill with your chosen wine.

7. Add the Jager Bombs! Place the Jagermeister into the centre of the cup to the desired level, and then add the red bull to the remaining areas.

8. Repeat step seven until all Jager Bomb glasses are filled.

9. Fill up the Ice Diamond tray with water and place in the freezer, leaving it until frozen.

10. Take the Ice Shots and fill with your chosen beverage. Then place the shots into the freezer until frozen.


Now the question of the 21st Birthday Gift

Finding a suitable 21st birthday present is always a tricky task. Well don’t worry I’ve got some marvellous 21st birthday gift ideas for you! You might chose to take something that can be incorporated into the ultimate 21st birthday party recipe. For example, the Shot Games set! Because who really wants the traditional ‘key to the door’ these days? With 6 different games, cards, dice and shot glasses, it’s sure to get the drinks flowing and the party started – a perfect 21st birthday gift! The Test Tube Shots and the Paralytic Shot Glasses are also great 21st birthday presents to add some more spice to the party! Or perhaps you want to get that special someone something more sentimental, a 21st birthday gift for their new home perhaps? You can browse our new Funky Home Accessories department for this. There you’ll find plenty of sophisticated 21st birthday gifts for the person in mind. A Tree Photo Frame would be the perfect 21st birthday present, in which you could fill the funky frames with photos of that wild 21st birthday bash!


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