How will you celebrate your 40th Birthday this year!?

Option A: Celebrate like you’re 25 and dance the night away. Say party not pension!

Option B: Spend the day trying to create a time machine. And when that fails, in bed, under the covers, ignoring all Happy 40th Birthday calls and texts and pretending like the day has been miraculously erased from the calendar.

Whether the 40th Birthday victim has chosen option A or B, we have great 40th birthday ideas for both routes by providing the ultimate 40th birthday gift ideas for you!

Option A Solution:

For those who have chosen to laugh in the face of the looming mid-life crisis and the sprouting greys with option A – stock up on the drink and party on! And for the alcohol abundance, I suspect the Giant Wine Glass and the Giant 2.5 Pint Glass will make perfect 40th birthday presents! Whether a wine-drinker or a pint-gulper, with this bad boy there’s no excuse to be caught short of a drink! Or if that’s not enough? The Yard of Ale Glass might do the trick, if you think they’re man enough that is! This 40th birthday present withholds a whole yard of your chosen beverage; if you think you’re up for the challenge, can you go the whole yard? Keep the cocktails flowing with the ultimate Cocktail Shaker, this is ideal for a 40th birthday bash and a great 40th birthday gift idea! This also provides a guide to the delicious concoction of eight different cocktails around its supper sleek, mirror-finish exterior. From cosmo-sippers to martini-lovers, this fabulous 40th birthday gift idea will turn heads not stomachs; just follow its simple step-by-step ingredients to obtain the most luscious of refreshments! Why not provide some more entertainment for the party and embrace the youth inside you with some silly drinking games that will make perfect 40th birthday gifts. Try the Vodka Jelly Mould – a mixture of both jelly and vodka moulded to fit the shape of the authentic Russian Vodka Bottle – a perfect 40th birthday present! 🙂

A great 40th Birthday present!

The ultimate cocktail maker!

Are you up for the challenge?







Option B Solution:

For those who have selected option B and wish to keep their 40th on the hush, we suggest some soothing home remedies will do the trick to ease them through the end of their thirties – Keep calm and be pampered!

The Hot Stones Massage Rocks are perfect for those in need of consoling with their deep muscular relaxation, making their forties seem like a distant memory. The Vibrohug Neck Massager is also a perfect 40th birthday idea to provide instant pain relief! Its vibrating motions will allow all their 40th birthday worries to wither away. Or give them a 40th birthday gift that will allow them to kick back and relax with our cosy collection of toasty treats. You can chose from our Warmies Boots range, these foot-lovers can be warmed to the desired temperature and then slipped onto your toes to lull aching bodies and soothe sore feet!

…and relax with new 40th birthday gift

More colours available!

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