The Big Five-Oh!

Heading for ‘the big five-oh?’ For most, this end of an era, turn of half a century, signifies a prolonged and painful end to your fruitful years, (they’re your words not ours)! But if forty was the end of your youth, then arriving at your fiftieth is an ushering cry for coach trip holidays, varifocals and looking forward to a long stress-free relaxation period. So, after the 30th and 40th birthday presents were a selection of handpicked mockeries with the sole purpose of poking fun at their old age, maybe it’s time to offer a 50th birthday gift that will provide pleasure not pain for those heading for the big 50 – and for this we have the perfect range 50th birthday gift ideas in store for you!

The Vibrating Head Massager would be a great 50th birthday present to relieve stress, unwind and relax! Who needs a trained masseuse when you can enjoy a professional-style massage any time, any place! Allow its delicate vibrating fingers to soothe your scalp and send you into a state of deep relaxation. This is a perfect 50th birthday gift idea that will last for many years to come. Another item which would make a fabulous 50th birthday present is our Massaging Cushion. This, when placed behind your head or in any the desired position, moulds to fit the shape of your position to provide personalised comfort, then hit the vibrating button to take your body into another dimension of relaxation – a perfect 50th birthday gift that can bestow spa-quality treatments whenever you need it! The Lumbar Back Massager also soothes mind, body and soul – the key to the perfect 50th birthday present. It’s designed to fit easily into the small of your back and lull your body into a state of utopian pleasure!

To bring to you, the ultimate relaxation!

Sit back and be soothed!

Or maybe you want to give a 50th birthday gift for the home? Our Alicia: Set of 3 Candleholders are extremely popular – and I can see why! This trio of tall and elegant flutes are extremely aesthetically pleasing, perfect for dinner parties when setting the sophisticated mood. They’re also the perfect added ingredient for bath times; with a hot bubble bath, the lights switched off and your favourite scented candles placed inside the Alicia Candleholders, you’ll be transformed into another realm of relaxation. Or for that bath time feel, you may purchase the Venezia: Floating Candle Bowl to offer as a great 50th birthday gift. This beautiful and practical centrepiece illuminates any room whilst making a wonderfully pleasant ornament for your home. Our Touch Screen Sudoku Game would make a quirky and practical 50th birthday gift idea. This traditional game of Sudoku has been catapulted into the 21st century for all to enjoy! Offer this as a fun 50th birthday gift to keep their brain ticking over nicely! This means they no longer have to wait for their daily fix from the newspaper and can crack on with an endless supply of Sudoku challenges at their very fingertips! This will give that special someone turning 50 a tremendous triumph as they battle the new technical game of Sudoku!

a great 50th birthday present!

Up for the challenge?

These are but a small proportion of our 50th birthday gift ideas, to see more (and we know you want to) waste no time and get straight to The Discovery Store online and dig into more of our great 50th birthday presents!