Find Funky Home Accessories here!

Moving into your first gaff? Or is your current home beginning to look outdated and screaming out for a revamp? Well, fear not as we have dedicated an entire department to Funky Home Accessories and stuffed it full of contemporary homeware and quirky home accessories just for you! So what are you waiting for? Browse our Funky Home Accessories to transform your home today!

For Mum…

The Discovery Store’s funky homeware range takes life’s mundane tasks and routines and re-invents them with the ultimate funky twist! So for your Mums out there, ask yourself, would you use the old sweeping brush to do your Sunday afternoon chores when you could pick up the Funky Dustpan and Brush to clear that dirt away with style!? Moreover, would you really grab the tatty old sponge when you could scrub with the funky Dishbrush for some real flower power when it comes to shining those dishes! Our modern homeware and kitsch home accessories makes life’s tedious tasks that bit more bearable!

Funky Dustpan and Brush

Funky Dish Brush







For Dad…

Looking for quirky homeware for the office (the only room you’re allowed to decorate)!? Well why not make those office hours fly with our kitsch and quirky homeware! Like our retro-inspired Rock n Roll Clock. It tells the time AND brings back the king of rock n roll and the sweet sounds of the 60s – your prayers are answered! You may try the Hand Photo Frame because this is the photo frame with style! This modern home accessory quite literally holds your favourite snaps on display whilst making a quirky edition to any room – just what you need when a boring day of pen-pushing lies ahead of you!

Rock n Roll Clock!

Hand Photo Frame!







For the Boys…

For those multi-taskers and facebook-lovers, why not try the Social Shower Curtain to freshen up your status no matter where you are! Why settle for a dull-looking shower curtain when you could purchase this contemporary home accessory to stay social networking even when showering – genius! Or chillax on the Football Beanie Chair after an exhausting training session or to enjoy the match! For you football fanatics this enables you to get your football kicks even when sitting down!

Social Shower Curtain!

Football Beanie Chair!







For the Girls…

It’s stylish, it’s elegant, it’s practical and it’s pretty… it’s the Hand Jewellery Stand! With this modern home accessory you can organise and display your most treasured trinkets! Not only does this allow you to store your jewels and gems, but it also serves as a pleasant and pretty accessory to any room! But don’t stop there! Give your bedroom that burst of colour and injection of funkiness it’s desperate for! Our classic Lava Lamps are perfect for this to make sure your nightstand stays funky – like the Isobel Illusion Lamp! When switched on it performs a mesmerising ripple of lava reflections that spill out onto your bedroom walls! WOW!

Hand Jewellery Stand!

Isobel Illusion Lamp!