Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Make the right impression at the Office Christmas Party this year!


It’s nearly here again and everyone is gearing up for the Work’s Christmas Do. It’s always a great night and the funniest part is when everyone exchanges their Secret Santa gifts. What a great excuse to embarrass your workmates with a silly present, or maybe you will want to flatter them and stay in their good books this year. It’s all good fun unless you have got the girl or boy that sits all the way across the other side of the office that you admire from a distance. Nothing could be worse of course, unless…  you got your BOSS instead!

Well we have got some great Secret Santa Ideas for you this year, we have gifts for just about everyone. It’s important that you make the right impression and we can help you make whatever impression you want… as long as it’s good!

We have put together a selection of gifts for under £5 and under £10 so that whatever your budget you will find something to suit anyone. Here are just a few of our favourites…

Secret Santa Ideas Under £5


Solar Flower – £4.95


Sudoku Toilet Roll – £4.95

Secret Santa Ideas Under £10


Nodding Dog – £9.95


Camera Lens Mug – £9.95

These are some products that we have already tested out on our workmates and they always go down a treat. We have load more Secret Santa ideas at The Discovery Store so come and have a look.


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