The Discovery Store January Sale

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We are here to offer our customers unique and fun gifts and gadgets for all the family and every year at this time we have a massive discount sale. We offer lots of products for sale with up to a huge 80% off. We only have limited stock left of some of these sale items so hurry up and get you bargains bought today.


What’s Next?

Easter is the next big holiday we have coming up and we have noticed that lots of people have already been searching for Egg and Easter related fun on our blog, well we though we would indulge you with some unusual facts about Easter…

  • 75 % of people bite the ears off chocolate bunnies first.
  • Nearly 90 million chocolate bunnies are made each year.
  • Eggs are considered to be the most important symbol of life.
  • Easter baskets were made at first to look like bird’s nests.
  • The most common Easter symbols are the Cross, Eggs and Rabbits
  • The biggest Easter Egg every made was  25 feet high and weighed 8,968 lbs.

There is still loads of time to plan your Easter and decide what traditions and fun activities you will be taking part in this year and we would love to hear about your plans. Leave us a comment and lets share some great ideas…