Luggo Childrens Suitcases

The awesome new rucksack and suitcase for kids!

Luggo Childrens Suitcases

We have fallen in love with these kids suitcases, we just can’t decide as full grown adults if we can get away with owning one or not. However they definitely are the perfect companion for Kids, made from a wipe clean material, bright colours and funky light up wheels they make the job of getting kids to carry their own stuff a lot easier.

As the Luggos are designed to allow use as both a pull along case or backpack they are ideal for holidays, school or just fun days. The Luggo childrens suitcases come in 2 super cool designs – Robot & Bee – kid’s just love them.The wheels that light up in red, green and blue simply wow them and as far as kids luggage goes it really doesn’t get more awesome! The function has even been thought about down to the very last detail, they have an extendable handle for the case to be pulled along and they have adjustable backpack straps so they can be carried on a child’s back (or yours, haha), and probably most impressively, if the backpack straps have been in use and you want to change to pull-along, as you lift the pull-along handle up the backpack straps automatically retract into the case so they’re nicely out of the way. Excellent – we know, and it doesn’t stop there either; there are 3 sections inside, a pocket storage area and 3 pen pockets which all means one thing, it’s perfect for holding all sorts of things to keep the kids entertained. This really is the best new item of childrens luggage we have seen in a very long time…

Buy yours at The Discovery Store or if you already have one please let us know just how much your kids love theirs!


Fathers Day 2013

It’s coming up fast… don’t forget Fathers Day is June 16th this year!!

Fathers-Day 2013

Dads are special and unique creatures – there’s no disguising a father, you can tell straight away. Each and everyone has their own traits and on June 16th we all get the chance to celebrate these unique quirks and qualities that only dad’s have.

It’s our turn to spoil them for all their ‘hard work’ with a fathers day present or two. They should be rewarded for constantly reminding us of all the rules of the house -‘close the door’, ‘turn the lights off’ & ‘your not going out dressed like that’.

Joking aside they really do work hard to provide and look after their families and this is our chance to really show them how much we appreciate it. At The Discovery Store we know all about gadget mad dads, geeky dads, music loving dads and dads that act like their shoe size – we really can cater for any type of dad. So why not get planning how your going to spoil your dad this Fathers Day with some of our great gifts for dads.