Fathers Day 2013

It’s coming up fast… don’t forget Fathers Day is June 16th this year!!

Fathers-Day 2013

Dads are special and unique creatures – there’s no disguising a father, you can tell straight away. Each and everyone has their own traits and on June 16th we all get the chance to celebrate these unique quirks and qualities that only dad’s have.

It’s our turn to spoil them for all their ‘hard work’ with a fathers day present or two. They should be rewarded for constantly reminding us of all the rules of the house -‘close the door’, ‘turn the lights off’ & ‘your not going out dressed like that’.

Joking aside they really do work hard to provide and look after their families and this is our chance to really show them how much we appreciate it. At The Discovery Store we know all about gadget mad dads, geeky dads, music loving dads and dads that act like their shoe size – we really can cater for any type of dad. So why not get planning how your going to spoil your dad this Fathers Day with some of our great gifts for dads.


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