We’ve had a spring spruce!

It’s spring time! The threat of snow is dwindling, the rain is clearing, the sun is appearing and tickling our skin, the birds are singing once more and the skies are blue. It seems that winter is finally coming to a close and spring is upon us, so it’s time to get out of that winter’s slum and embrace it! Spring is a time for invention, a time for new starts and fresh ideas. It’s a time to pack up the old and usher in the new, and we’ve done just that. We’ve really brought a splash of colour and some season’s greetings into our home and garden departments to grasp that fresh spring feeling! Join us!


Here are a couple of ideas to help you make the most of this spring:

The Sparrow Salad Bowl & Salad Servers are the chirpiest of tableware. Consisting of two sparrow-shaped salad servers and a matching white salad bowl, our new serving bowl really embraces the return of spring – the sparrows are out and the leaves are blossoming green! It’s light and easily wiped clean making it perfect for a garden picnic on a hot summer’s day. When not in use, you can perch the sparrow salad servers onto the edge of the salad bowl to make a lovely table decoration. We’ve also got the Sparrow Serving Spoons to match! The sparrow set contains a ladle, a spaghetti server, a slotted spoon and a solid spoon. The handles are also sparrow-shaped and delightfully cute! The utensil holder is shaped like branches and, when not in use, the servers sit adorably on the branches and watch over your kitchen. Our sparrow serving set brings spring into your home!

Cool Multi-Coloured Chopping Board Set

The Wooden Chopping Boards – Set of 4 are worthy of note and will certainly bring some colourful feelings of spring into your kitchen too. Each chopping board is a different colour: white, blue, light pink and hot pink, to eradicate the dullness of winter. Freshen up your kitchenware this spring, we urge you! And speaking of colourful, our spotty brush set is full of it. Our Long Handled Dustpan & Brush set, our Dish Brush and our Dustpan and Brush all feature a vibrant spotty design which is sure to coax that spring cleaning that you’ve been telling yourself to do!

Vacuum Jug Teapot and Coffee Thermos 1000x1000

These are but a few of our freshly picked products that we have for you this spring! Each of our newbies are sure to put a spring in your step and brighten up the home.

Spotty Dustpan & Brush 1000x1000


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