Don’t forget Mother’s Day!

So it’s that time of year again. Yep, it’s on the 30th of March this year and it’s heading towards us at lightning speed! Have you guessed it? We’re talking about Mother’s Day. The time when we all must take a knee and show our appreciation to our marvellous mothers. The day when (hopefully) mothers everywhere will be receiving breakfast in bed, a steady stream of ‘thank you’s,’ and a card that puts into print just how much she means to you. The latter can be done with ease, it’s finding great mothers day gifts that show our mums just how much she means to us that can get our stress levels pumping. We’ve all been there in that moment of panic and despair when her favourite restaurant is fully booked, her most-loved flowers are out of season and you got her chocolates the last 3 years on the trot. ‘What to do?’ you ask yourself.  Well, our mothers day presents department may be just the place to relieve you of those mothers day traumas. We have been preparing for this day since last Mother’s Day to make sure that you impress your mum on the special day, and having thought carefully about it for a year, you could say that we’ve become quite the experts in the art of Mothering Sunday. We have all sorts of mothers day gift ideas that are just waiting for your impatient perusal, from us to you. So, without further ado, here are a few mothers day ideas to inspire you for the best Mother’s Day yet:


Spa treatment at home! Your mum will love it!

Mum type 1: Pamper me!

Does your mum need some peace and quiet? Or is it time she really self-indulged? The stressful life of motherhood is often coupled with the rapid and painful decrease of one’s free time and especially the time available to pamper oneself – a serious crime in women’s culture. We’ve been on the hunt for all kinds of relaxation and pampering aids that don’t require you to pay a fortune for a spa treatment. The Hot Stones Therapy Kit for example, uses river stones and the power of aromatherapy to relax, rebuild and rebalance, and the best part is that it can be used again and again. We bet it has been a long time since your mum had a manicure or a pedicure. A hand care set or a pedicure set may be just the thing to get you into her good books this Mother’s Day. Or even something like a set of moisturising gloves and moisturising socks can give your mum the pampering she deserves.


For your mum to have beautifully pampered nails!

Mum type 2: Pretty things!

All mums like pretty things. Anything that shines or sparkles is generally a winner and you can never have too many pieces of jewellery, the more the merrier we say and we know that your mum will agree. There’s nothing like receiving a compliment about a new necklace or a new pair of earrings to obtain that instant feel-good pleasure about yourself. And all that can be given to your mum this Mother’s Day by you and by presenting her with some elegant jewellery as an unusual mothers day gift. For this, we have sourced the LoveLibbyX jewellery range which contains all kinds of unique and elegant jewellery to make your mother smile and feel good about herself this Mother’s Day.


Handmade earrings made from beautiful, vintage Apostle spoon handles. A wonderful mother’s day gift idea.

Mum type 3: Home accessories

We all know that we drive our mums a bit crazy, but fear not, because Mother’s Day is the time to make amends and show our mums just how much they mean to us in a hope to convince them that we’re not all that bad. You might consider trying to make up for leaving the house in a mess or not doing your weekly chores by giving your mother a brand new home accessory. All mothers are house proud and no matter how recently the house has been re-decorated you can be sure that your mum is convinced that it’s in need of a renovation, so by giving your mum a mothers day present for the home you can show her that you care too and it’s one step in the right direction for a re-vamp. For instance, we have found a selection of great homeware gifts that combine both contemporary design and funky style to give the home a quick-fix makeover and please your mother.


Two bread-shaped chopping boards. A practical and pretty gift for your mum this Mother’s Day!

We hope that you have found our Mother’s Day advice useful so that you and your mum can have the best Mother’s Day yet! Please comment below about your own Mother’s Day ideas, what has worked well or what you plan to do, we always welcome new ideas!

Oh, and… Happy Mother’s Day!


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