Easter Birds & Bunnies…

Here at The Discovery Store we’re welcoming Easter with open arms after a long, drawn-out winter. So, in honour of this fantastic holiday, we’ve got a few must-have bird and bunny items for you to make this Easter even better than last year.

Our Easter bunny can bring you more than just chocolate eggs this year, he may even bring you our sparrow salad bowl and salad servers to bring the joys of spring indoors and to chirp up your tableware. We also have some sparrow serving spoons to match which will certainly get you in the festive mood! And it doesn’t stop there, we even have a dove door stop to add to the collection – may all your doors be opened by a chirpy little sparrow.

Our sparrow selection isn’t all that we have in store for you either, we have some Rabbit Ears Salad Servers that look just like the Easter bunny’s ears and the best part is when they’re placed in the salad bowl it gives the illusion that a real live rabbits is rustling around in the lettuce leaves! Well, what do you expect when you leave rabbit munch lying around? Our Easter bunny ears always amuse and the kids will love it! Now we have the table set with an array of Easter-themed novelties, we can put together the music, and what better than the Bird Box FM Radio & MP3 Speaker to lighten the mood? For those of you that think we’ve gone cuckoo (forgive us), let me explain! Our bird box radio and MP3 speaker is a fully-functioning radio and MP3 device that is shaped like a bird box – talk about killing two birds with one stone (again, sorry)! It’s great as a piece of home décor or as a party accessory at a BBQ or garden party. Download your favourite music to your MP3 or tune into your chosen radio station, and when not in use, it’s your very own little bird house. If you like that idea, then you’ll simply adore our Decorative Bird Houses; these funky little homes bear a unique and funky design, and the best part is that you make them yourself so you can take all the credit, no please, we insist.

Our bird houses are available in six different designs so you can pick your favourite colour and put your DIY skills to the test. They really bring some colour and Easter-lovin’ spirit into the garden when the Easter festivities commence, and everyone will love making them beforehand – a perfect Easter activity. A little tip: they can also be used as pretty lanterns when the birds are around less. They’re eco-friendly and 100% recyclable as well!

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Rabbit Ears Salad Servers are a great kitchen gadget this easter. Please them in your salad bowl and it will look like a real live rabbit is rustling in your greens!

Sparrow-shaped Salad Bowl and Salad Servers.

Sparrow-shaped Salad Bowl and Salad Servers. White salad bowl with bird-shaped salad servers. It’s a great garden accessories and perfect for summer BBQs and picnics.

Bird Box Radio 2

Our bird box radio with MP3 speaker is the perfect music gadget for listening to your most-loved tunes. It can perch on your wall and pose as a little bird box – a perfect item for spring!

We hope that you have enjoyed our Easter selection of bird and bunny products. Tweet tweet!