The Clug

Have you heard of the Clug? A teeny tiny bike stand? Ring any bells?


You maybe haven’t, it is the world’s smallest bike stand to be fair… The Clug is a space-saving miracle when it comes to giving your bike a home in your pad. Clug can transform any space into a handy bike storage spot and with tons of room to spare. No longer will your bike be blocking your doorway or left loitering in the hallway, because let’s face it, where ever you put your bike, it will no doubt be in the way to everyone and everything until you give it a space of its own. The Clug is perfect for this as the Clug itself takes up no room at all. It’s extremely versatile too, you bike can stand both vertically and horizontally depending on what kind of space you have to work with.

Our favourite feature… Clug makes your bike look like a piece of decoration rather than an annoying safety hazard! You can stand your bike upright or you can place your bike onto one wheel so that it looks like it’s riding up the wall!

It’s so simple to install, so don’t worry, you won’t need a handy man to get your Clug up and running, just follow the instructions (included) with an easy peasy 6-step guide.

Check out the video:

“It seems we have found the answer to our bicycle storage conundrum!” – Cool Hunting.


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