Fart Proof Pants. Believe it or not.


Flatulence Filtering Underwear. Yes, you heard correctly.


You may be wondering what is going on in the above… Behold the Shreddies Fart Filtering Underwear! Let us explain…

So this leads us to talk about the unspoken topic of F*RTS. However we’re not going to poke fun at this topic (okay, maybe a little), we’re going to do this tastefully as it’s actually quite a serious subject. Did you know, for example, that the average human being passes wind about 15 times a day? And yes, that includes boys AND girls. As we eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner and sip our tea, we also ingest pockets of air which build up inside our digestive system. Not only this, gases can also build up as our bodies digest the food as well. So it really doesn’t matter how much of a lady we deem our self to be, or how hygienic we think we are – we all need to pass wind every now and again to keep our bodies healthy. That’s where the Shreddies come in to keep everyone happy with their beautiful gift of odour-less, guilt-free gas!

Shreddies are perfect if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or any other problem that causes excessive flatulence, including: constipation, coeliac disease and a lactose intolerance, these fart filtering pants are here to put your mind at rest when the inevitable bad bout of gas arrives.

How they work…

The Shreddies contain a carbon filter pocket which is located at the rear (excuse the pun). This filter traps, absorbs and neutralises any smelly gas, due to the filter’s highly porous nature. Tadaar! It’s really quite magical.

Flatulence-Pants Shreddies-Fart-Pants Flatulence-Filtering-Underwear


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