Pancake Day 2015 recipes and ideas!

Shrove Tuesday is upon us! And what a great day it is. Whether you have a sweet tooth or a savoury craving, check out the easy peasy pancake recipe below and then try adding some of these unusual Pancake Day toppings…

I first tried this one in the French ski resort, La Planche. I absolutely love goat’s cheese so this was a winner for me straight away!

Try crumbling some tangy goat’s cheese onto your pancake with a drizzle of honey and a few walnuts. Don’t forget to top it off with a sprinkle of rosemary too. The duo of strong goat’s cheese with the sweet honey is a mouth-watering combination! Trust me!

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A Classic! The spinach and ricotta pancake. Definitely a favourite for me and it’s so much better when you make it yourself instead of buying the pre-made ones.

Add plenty of spinach, ricotta and a pinch of nutmeg to a bowl and mix well. Then fill your pancake with the mixture and roll it up. Do this a few times so that you have a few pancakes, then place in an oven-proof dish. Now for the tomato sauce, fry an onion and a few cloves of garlic until soft. Then add a tin of chopped tomatoes, a pinch of sugar and salt and a sprinkle of black pepper. Then, cover the pancakes with the tomato sauce, grate some cheddar cheese on top and stick them in the oven until bubbly and oozing with deliciousness. The scoff them all in one go because they are so great.


A sweet one… peanut butter, chocolate spread and banana. Oh and maybe a dash of cream if you’re feeling naughty – you may as well by this point!

Simply add all of the above ingredients to your pancake. Easy and oh so delicious!


Easy peasy pancake recipe:

100g plain flour

2 large eggs

300ml milk

1 tbsp of sunflower/vegetable oil (save a little for frying)

A pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients above in a large mixing bowl until you get a smooth batter. Then heat some of the oil in a large frying pan and when hot, add a ladle of the mixture to the frying pan. Cook your pancakes for 1 minute on either side (with a pancake toss in between of course) until the pancakes look lovely and golden.


Fart Proof Pants. Believe it or not.


Flatulence Filtering Underwear. Yes, you heard correctly.

You may be wondering what is going on in the above… Behold the Shreddies Fart Filtering Underwear! Let us explain…

So this leads us to talk about the unspoken topic of F*RTS. However we’re not going to poke fun at this topic (okay, maybe a little), we’re going to do this tastefully as it’s actually quite a serious subject. Did you know, for example, that the average human being passes wind about 15 times a day? And yes, that includes boys AND girls. As we eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner and sip our tea, we also ingest pockets of air which build up inside our digestive system. Not only this, gases can also build up as our bodies digest the food as well. So it really doesn’t matter how much of a lady we deem our self to be, or how hygienic we think we are – we all need to pass wind every now and again to keep our bodies healthy. That’s where the Shreddies come in to keep everyone happy with their beautiful gift of odour-less, guilt-free gas!

Shreddies are perfect if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or any other problem that causes excessive flatulence, including: constipation, coeliac disease and a lactose intolerance, these fart filtering pants are here to put your mind at rest when the inevitable bad bout of gas arrives.

How they work…

The Shreddies contain a carbon filter pocket which is located at the rear (excuse the pun). This filter traps, absorbs and neutralises any smelly gas, due to the filter’s highly porous nature. Tadaar! It’s really quite magical.

Flatulence-Pants Shreddies-Fart-Pants Flatulence-Filtering-Underwear

The Clug

Have you heard of the Clug? A teeny tiny bike stand? Ring any bells?


You maybe haven’t, it is the world’s smallest bike stand to be fair… The Clug is a space-saving miracle when it comes to giving your bike a home in your pad. Clug can transform any space into a handy bike storage spot and with tons of room to spare. No longer will your bike be blocking your doorway or left loitering in the hallway, because let’s face it, where ever you put your bike, it will no doubt be in the way to everyone and everything until you give it a space of its own. The Clug is perfect for this as the Clug itself takes up no room at all. It’s extremely versatile too, you bike can stand both vertically and horizontally depending on what kind of space you have to work with.

Our favourite feature… Clug makes your bike look like a piece of decoration rather than an annoying safety hazard! You can stand your bike upright or you can place your bike onto one wheel so that it looks like it’s riding up the wall!

It’s so simple to install, so don’t worry, you won’t need a handy man to get your Clug up and running, just follow the instructions (included) with an easy peasy 6-step guide.

Check out the video:

“It seems we have found the answer to our bicycle storage conundrum!” – Cool Hunting.

The Vino2Go, the first portable wine glass…

Have you seen this? It’s called the Vino2Go and it’s everything one looks for in a wine glass. Deep, elegant, stylish and the best part: it’s 100% portable and travel-friendly. So yes, you can take it with you where ever you may go. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? The mind boggles.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Portable Wine Glass 1000x1000

The Vino2Go takes the art of drinking away from the confinements of the home, breaking new ground for the wine-drinking world. For the first time ever, wine-lovers can enjoy a glass of their favourite vino at any time and in any place. The Vino2Go boasts an outstanding list of super-handy features too for when you’re enjoying a bevy in the great outdoors. Its double-wall, insulated design means that your wine will stay at that perfect temperature for much longer than any ordinary wine glass. It also means that your Vino2Go’s strong, acrylic exterior is shatter-proof and leaves you free from broken glass, so it’s especially useful if you have the pitter-patter of tiny feet or the clumsy husband around the house! The Vino2Go also features a slid-action lid which makes sipping your beloved vino easy, even when you’re on the move! Not to mention, the lid will keep away those nosey insects and bugs that love your wine nearly as much as you do! This fabulous, portable wine glass comes in an exciting variety of colours too, choose from pinks, purples, greens, reds, blacks and blues.

Slip your Vino2Go in your handbag or rucksack for when the next time wine o’clock strikes. The best thing about the Vino2Go is that you can take it with you anywhere, to the beach, to the tennis court, to festivals, on camping trips, to BBQ’s, picnics and garden and pool parties. It’s even great for use in the home too, it eliminates the inevitable – getting a big red wine splodge on your brand new carpet!

Pink Vino2Go Beach 1000 x 1000

Click the link below for a closer look!

Travel Wine Glass   1000x1000

Charity Yarn Bombing – Part 1

What an incredible and creative project! We absolutely love the idea of decorating public spaces with handmade beauties and gorgeous colours, this would certainly brighten up your Monday morning trip to the doctors! Located at Hackness Road Surgery in Scarborough, this project is particularly special as it was all to raise money for St. Catherine’s Hospice. Each hand-crafted piece was auctioned off to the public and the earning were given straight to this fantastic charity.

Some of the decorations can still be found at Hackness Road Surgery in Scarborough, so if you’re a local you can take a look for yourself! Here are just some of the photos from the event. For more photos, head to thegrangerange blog or facebook page.

The Grange Range, we commend you!

At last, some photos of the event to share with you. Bunting and TreeI have to start with a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your support and contributions, all of which were put to very good use and helped to make our little event a huge success. The displays were manned over the August bank holiday weekend when we had the majority of our visitors. All the items were given a number and visitors could place a bid to buy whatever took their fancy in a sealed box.

A couple of weeks before the opening we started to stir local folk and patients curiosity when the tree on the roadside was wrapped in a clourful blanket. Patient’s would come into reception and ask “is the tree poorly’? There is a bus stop opposite and we would giggle as we watched people waiting for a bus chatter and point inquisitively.

Yarn Bomed Tree

I will…

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Struggling this Father’s Day for gift ideas?

We do hope you have put Father’s Day in your calendar this year. For those of you that didn’t know, Father’s Day is the 15th of June this year, so make sure you jot down the date or set a reminder on your phone! We know how stressful it can be to come up with gift ideas for fathers day.

Tech-Tool Pen

The perfect gift for a DIY Dad this Father’s Day.

We know what you’re thinking when it comes to your father’s day gift this year, you’ve got to really pull something out of the bag after his awesome Christmas present, and even more so after the success of your mother’s day gift or you’re going to cause a few arguments. That’s why The Discovery Store is lending a helping hand to the majority of you that are struggling a little on the fathers days gifts front. We have mustered up a selection of smashing father s day gifts for you to exude a sigh of relief this June. Catering for all; the sportsman, the gadget-fiend, the handy man and the culinary genius (as he likes to be known), your ticket to a fabulous fathers day gift idea is right here with us. Some of our favourites are the Tech-Tool Pen, the Giant 2.5 Pint Glass and the Camera Lens Mug. The Giant 2.5 Pint Glass is a great fathers day gift as summer approaches, it means more beer and less moving to fetch a new one, and it really does make the ‘down-in-one’ challenge that bit more exciting! Our Vinyl gift collection is also a winner this Father’s Day, consisting of our Vinyl Coasters, our Vinyl Record Bowl and our Vinyl bookends. Each product in the vinyl collection is designed to replicate the old school vinyl record. It’s a retro blast from the past that your dad will love, it’ll remind him of those “good old days” that you’re always hearing about! If your Dad is an iPhone addict, then our Ear iPhone Case, our Bondi iPhone Holder and our Rock Amp MP3 Speaker will make great father’s day presents. He can look stylish with his iPhone case, hang his iPhone where ever he wants and play his favourite tunes through his speakers.

Giant 2.5 Pint Glass

A whole 2 and a half pints in one glass! Now that will be a fathers day present to remember (or not)!

Vinyl Bookends

These Vinyl Bookends will give your Dad a blast from the past! Also view our Vinyl collection which includes Vinyl Coasters, Vinyl Bookends and the Vinyl Record Bowl.

These are but a few of our father’s day gifts and present ideas that’s we have to offer you. The Discovery Store wishes you the best of luck in finding the perfect father’s day present!

Seed Balls (Project MAYA)

Do you ever find yourself gazing out of your kitchen window at your garden in utter disappointment?

Could your garden be mistaken for a desolate wasteland of weeds and tangled greens? Does your disappointment turn to bitterness when you glance over at your next door neighbour’s garden, with its pristine display of blooming red poppies on a finely trimmed, daisy-filled lawn? Do you then turn your head to find an equally as impressive spread of blue forget-me-nots, on a bed of wild marjorams, red clovers, foxgloves, birdsfoot trefoils and viper’s-bugloss, attracting the hums of bumble bees and a flock of delicate butterflies? Well, turn that frown upside down because we have a new product that is perfect for you. We call them Seed Balls. They’re a new and innovative gadget for your garden which will produce entire wildflower gardens and beautiful meadows with minimum fuss and no time at all! These seedballs really are remarkable. Each seed ball contains a mini ecosystem of British wildflower seeds mixed with clay, peat-free compost and a sprinkle of chili powder, all rolled up into a little seedball. Each seed bomb has all the nutrients and minerals it needs to transform your garden from that green-stained cavity into a floral paradise!

Poppy Seedballs

Poppy seed bombs which produce stunning red poppies from just a little ball of seeds.

Butterfly Mix Seed balls

A mix of British wildflowers that attracts colourful butterflies to decorate your garden.

How the seedbomb works is simple, when it rains, the water permeates the dried clay and the seeds inside begin to germinate and transform into a beautiful array of your chosen wildflowers. The dried clay also acts as a protective layer against common seed predators such as ants, mice and birds, which would be detrimental to the seed’s germination and progress. The chili powder also combats predators while the seed sprouts.

Each tin contains 20 seedbombs of your selected mix and we have six different types of seed bombs to choose from:


Contents of Seed Balls Tin

“Think about it. A whole habitat in a tiny clay ball.”
– Masanobu Fukuoka –

The seedballs are a part of a much wider-reaching approach to conservation, working within the eco-social enterprise called the Project MAYA ( This is fantastic organisation which aims to cultivate a global network of reserves. UK gardens are one of the most important havens for wildlife – totalling about 270,000 hectares: an area larger than all the designated National Nature Reserves combined! So, by setting your seed balls loose in your garden, you can contribute to the Project MAYA and thus, towards conserving stunning British wildflowers and wildlife. It all starts here with these splendid little seed balls!

We, The Discovery Store, cordially invite you to take part in the Project MAYA; a fun, no-fuss and efficient way to fill your garden with wonderful British wildflowers and create biodiversity without costing the earth!

Forget-Me-Not Seed Bombs

These seedballs sprout beautiful Forget-Me-Nots with no fuss at all!

Easter Birds & Bunnies…

Here at The Discovery Store we’re welcoming Easter with open arms after a long, drawn-out winter. So, in honour of this fantastic holiday, we’ve got a few must-have bird and bunny items for you to make this Easter even better than last year.

Our Easter bunny can bring you more than just chocolate eggs this year, he may even bring you our sparrow salad bowl and salad servers to bring the joys of spring indoors and to chirp up your tableware. We also have some sparrow serving spoons to match which will certainly get you in the festive mood! And it doesn’t stop there, we even have a dove door stop to add to the collection – may all your doors be opened by a chirpy little sparrow.

Our sparrow selection isn’t all that we have in store for you either, we have some Rabbit Ears Salad Servers that look just like the Easter bunny’s ears and the best part is when they’re placed in the salad bowl it gives the illusion that a real live rabbits is rustling around in the lettuce leaves! Well, what do you expect when you leave rabbit munch lying around? Our Easter bunny ears always amuse and the kids will love it! Now we have the table set with an array of Easter-themed novelties, we can put together the music, and what better than the Bird Box FM Radio & MP3 Speaker to lighten the mood? For those of you that think we’ve gone cuckoo (forgive us), let me explain! Our bird box radio and MP3 speaker is a fully-functioning radio and MP3 device that is shaped like a bird box – talk about killing two birds with one stone (again, sorry)! It’s great as a piece of home décor or as a party accessory at a BBQ or garden party. Download your favourite music to your MP3 or tune into your chosen radio station, and when not in use, it’s your very own little bird house. If you like that idea, then you’ll simply adore our Decorative Bird Houses; these funky little homes bear a unique and funky design, and the best part is that you make them yourself so you can take all the credit, no please, we insist.

Our bird houses are available in six different designs so you can pick your favourite colour and put your DIY skills to the test. They really bring some colour and Easter-lovin’ spirit into the garden when the Easter festivities commence, and everyone will love making them beforehand – a perfect Easter activity. A little tip: they can also be used as pretty lanterns when the birds are around less. They’re eco-friendly and 100% recyclable as well!

download (1)

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers are a great kitchen gadget this easter. Please them in your salad bowl and it will look like a real live rabbit is rustling in your greens!

Sparrow-shaped Salad Bowl and Salad Servers.

Sparrow-shaped Salad Bowl and Salad Servers. White salad bowl with bird-shaped salad servers. It’s a great garden accessories and perfect for summer BBQs and picnics.

Bird Box Radio 2

Our bird box radio with MP3 speaker is the perfect music gadget for listening to your most-loved tunes. It can perch on your wall and pose as a little bird box – a perfect item for spring!

We hope that you have enjoyed our Easter selection of bird and bunny products. Tweet tweet!

‘No make-up selfie’ trend helps cancer charity raise £1million in 24 hours!

We say, keep up the good work girls!

Cancer Research UK has seen more than 800,000 donations after a popular online campaign, asking women to post selfies with no make-up using the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, went viral!