Calling all serious Tea & Coffee drinkers

Here is the answer to all your beverage needs.

Here at The Discovery Store there isn’t a day goes by without a dispute about whose turn it is to do the tea run. It seems that as soon as one cup is finished someone is ready for another.

Well we’d had enough of this perpetual tea & coffee making so we decided to find the solution… The Size Matters Giant Mug! It cuts down our trips to the kitchen by half, it’s such a large mug that it can hold a whopping 900ml of liquid and it keeps us lubricated for double the length of time a regular sized mug can. It’s just brilliant to have one of these novelty mugs as your coffee cup at work. Mine is now my most favored colleague and I can’t imagine being without it.

So for all the serious tea & coffee addicts out there The Size Matters Giant Mug is the key to beverage happiness.

Size Matters Giant Mug

Get your Size Matters Giant Mug from for only £7.95


Unusual Hangover Cures for Post Christmas Party

Recover from your Christmas party with these unusual remedies.

We all know how it goes don’t we, someone suggests a quick drink down the pub after work, “just the one”, you say “because I have to get home and wrap some presents and do some last minute shopping online”.

And the truth is you really mean it’s just that when you get the first one inside you you think, well another one won’t hurt, the atmosphere in the pub is electric, the juke box is banging out some great tunes. Then before you know it it’s closing time and your not standing up straight!

The Discovery Store Giant 2.5 Pint Glass, Over sized Pint Glass

It’s very likely that you will suffer with more than this one hangover this Christmas so to help you to get over the ordeal more quickly we bring you some of the more unusual hangover cures from around the world. Not to sure how many of them we would try…

1. Have a strong coffee with a pinch of salt.

This one could be tolerable we think.

2. Drink boiled cabbage water.

Errrrrrr, yuk.

3. Boil banana peel in water then drink the water.

Never tried this before, could be worth a go.

4. Drink a glass of cider vinegar mixed with honey.

Will have to pinch your nose to get this one down.

5. Rub your armpits with lemon and lime juice.

We believe this one originates from Puerto Rico. The cure is actually more of a prevention: a zesty half lemon is to be rubbed under one’s ‘drinking arm’ before a night out.

6. Drink banana milkshake sweetened with honey.

Now this appeals to our sweet tooth!

Will you give one of these a go?

Let us know if you do. Good luck 🙂

If you need any help with the party side of Christmas we have a whole department dedicated to Drink & Party at The Discovery Store

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