Starting the New Year in Style

Say goodbye to the Christmas Blues

It’s nearly time for all those festive decorations to come down. Remember they should be down by the 6th of January to ensure a happy start to the New Year.

It’s always a lot more of a pain taking down the decorations than it is putting them up, the excitement is over and it leaves the house feeling cold and lonely. There is no warm glow from the fairy lights at night while you sit watching heart warming Christmas movies, that special familiar smell of the tree has been replaced with the day to day smells of family life.

We just don’t like that feeling when the festive excitement dies down and all that is left is the cold and rainy January nights, we thought that a lot of you would probably agree so we are sharing our plan for how to make the most of the dark nights. Candles!! The perfect fairy light alternative. We like to light some lovely flickering candles and snuggle up in our snuggle fleece blankets infront of the TV.

We are very lucky because here at The Discovery Store we have lots of beautiful and unique candle holders to chose from. Candlelight dancing around a dark room is such a beautiful thing that it helps you to relax and unwind and forget about Christmas till next year.

Here are 4 of our favourite candle holders…

Millano-1       Candle Holder

Milano: Glass Candle Holder £9.95      Bellino Bell Jar Candle Holder Vase £12.95

Venezia-1       Candle Holder Alicia

Venezia: Floating Candle Bowl £9.95    Alicia: Set of 3 Glass Candleholders £9.95

Have a look at all our candle holders at