5 Top Tips for Students of 2012!

Here at The Discovery Store, many of our staff are fresh out of university and have recently put their first class brains together to generate a set of top tips for students! Hurrah! Our selection of helpful hints includes freshers week ideas for your freshers week 2012, this year’s university essentials and student must haves, and finally, suggestions for the perfect gifts for students!

  1. Know someone who’s heading to Uni soon? Or got a son/daughter who’s about to fly the nest? Why not surprise that special student with some fabulous student stuff and university must haves as the perfect student gifts!? We know just the place! The Discovery Store has recently put together a University Essentials department to provide you with all of the above! Our gifts ideas for students cover a range of ideal presents for students that would be much appreciated by student everywhere!
  1. Freshers week – sometimes referred to as frosch, frosh, nollning, but whatever word you want to use, university freshers week only really means one thing which involves a hefty load of alcohol! It’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends, socialise, get to know the city, and have an intoxicatingly brilliant time! So jump in with both feet and make the most of it!
  1. When fresher s week is nearing its end, and it’s time to pull your head out of the toilet, rub the crude marker-pen drawing off your arm and become a human again, beware, because you will probably find that you’ve caught the classic case of freshers flu. The cure – an alcohol-free night (if you can resist), and some bed rest in your new student home. But what really fights the traditional illness is a homely student living area, and we have the perfect set of student essentials for the home that’ll transform your bare, cell-like room in halls into a home sweet home.
  1. So you’ve started to attend Uni now (hopefully) and you want to make a good impression on your tutors and lecturers (again, hopefully). However the work load is seemingly monstrous and nearly sending you into cardiac arrest. Our advice – keep calm and just do enough! In most universities, obviously check that yours is the same, first year doesn’t actually count towards any of your actual degree. It’s almost just a year to get used to the way university operates, get to know the city and settle in, and get to know your tutors. However it goes without saying, you will want to make sure that you pass your exams at the end of the year obviously! And you will want to make sure that you have all of correct stuff for students and student gadgets when commencing the academic year.
  1. Last of all – HAVE FUN! Your university years are amongst the best in your life, so make sure you enjoy every moment, make new friends and explore your city!
  1. Oh… and study hard of course.