Christmas Fun for Kids In the School Holidays – Pasta Decorations

Make Your Own Festive Christmas Pasta Decoration – Tree Garland

It’s always the same isn’t it? That question you ask yourself every schools holiday.

“How am I going to keep the kids entertained?”

Especially in the Christmas break when you have so much else to do, what with shopping for Christmas presents, food shopping and getting the house ready for guests including Uncle Alf and Auntie Betty (who is always very critical about your housekeeping).

Well how about this – make pasta garlands to decorate the Christmas tree.

All you will need is:

Pasta Tubes

Red Ribbon (Narrow)

Coloured Beads

Paint if required

Other bits and pieces, glitter sequins etc.

You can use the pasta as it comes au naturel, paint it in festive colours or to match the colour theme for your tree. We are sure that you will think of other ways to glam it up by adding glitter or sequins for that extra sparkle.

Beads come in all shapes sizes and colours, you may even have an old necklace that you don’t wear any more that you could use.

Simply start threading on the pasta and beads until your garland is the desired length, tie off the ends and there you have it, your very own hand made garland.


1. Make sure that that your ribbon is narrow enough to thread through the holes in the pasta tubes. You can sew a little thread onto the end of the ribbon and use the needle to thread your garland but obviously you have to be mindful of little ones fingers if they are using a needle.

2. Same applies to the beads, make sure the hole in the centre is big enough to thread the ribbon through.

3. If painting the pasta tubes cover the painting area with newspaper to protect work surfaces.

Christmas Pasta Decorations