Who’s turning 30 first!?!?!

For the party…

Planning a 30th birthday bash? Desperately searching for party ideas to prevent the sweat and tears to ease the shock of the 30th birthday? We can help! At The Discovery Store we provide a collection of 30th birthday gifts and 30th birthday ideas to bring in the 30s with a big bellowing bang!  Selecting one of these will ensure that your 30th birthday gift will be one to remember (or not, if you’ve purchased the Jager Bomb – 4pc set)! With these, there can be no excuse for the sober! They provide a cheap and cheerful way to down those jager bombs all night long, or as long as you can last! Thank the heavens that they’re reusable, so they’re always there whenever the urge for a J-Bomb calls! Phew! Let the good times roll and fill up the Giant Wine Glass to get the party started, because we know that no drink can be too small 😉

…go on, right to the brim!

Remember to purchase the Rock Amp – the ULTIMATE mp3 speaker, to blast your favourite tunes as long as the party lasts! This is much more than a 30th birthday present and will become your best friend well into your thirties, providing you with your most-loved melodies where ever you may go! Not only that, its compact size means that it closely and neatly packs away into your overnight bag and doesn’t take up too much space on the dance floor – perfect for house parties, holidays and festivals, and with the summer season eagerly awaiting, it’s an absolute must-have this year!

30th birthday gifts and 30th birthday ideas

Stop beating yourself up! You’re NOT that old just yet! You can still remember your twenties can’t you?! We know you can! So put down the walking stick and pick up the remote control for the RC Drift Car! Maybe you didn’t become Lewis Hamilton but you can still pretend! Our 30th birthday presents aren’t about getting older; they’re about keeping it young! One thing that’s a given, the thirties are about keeping it fresh! So we’ve designed an excellent way to stay social networking even when showering! The Social Shower Curtain means that when it comes to freshening up ‘what’s on your mind?’ nothing can get in the way! 

So allow The Discovery Store to calm your nerves about entering the third decade for you and your pals! Allow us to offer the best 30th Birthday gift ideas, and allow us to provide the perfect ingredients to make certain that your 30th birthday celebration is one for the record books! Sound like a plan? Then browse our 30th birthday presents collection to select something special from this year’s new range of fun, freaky and fabulous gifts! We’ve made it easy for you by stocking unique and quirky 30th birthday presents as the best way to say Happy 30th Birthday!