The Aquapod Bottle Launcher!


The Aquapod Bottle Launcher!

It’s the latest edition to water rocket technology – it’s the ultimate bottle blaster – it’s the Aquapod Bottle Launcher!




Find Funky Home Accessories here!

Moving into your first gaff? Or is your current home beginning to look outdated and screaming out for a revamp? Well, fear not as we have dedicated an entire department to Funky Home Accessories and stuffed it full of contemporary homeware and quirky home accessories just for you! So what are you waiting for? Browse our Funky Home Accessories to transform your home today!

For Mum…

The Discovery Store’s funky homeware range takes life’s mundane tasks and routines and re-invents them with the ultimate funky twist! So for your Mums out there, ask yourself, would you use the old sweeping brush to do your Sunday afternoon chores when you could pick up the Funky Dustpan and Brush to clear that dirt away with style!? Moreover, would you really grab the tatty old sponge when you could scrub with the funky Dishbrush for some real flower power when it comes to shining those dishes! Our modern homeware and kitsch home accessories makes life’s tedious tasks that bit more bearable!

Funky Dustpan and Brush

Funky Dish Brush







For Dad…

Looking for quirky homeware for the office (the only room you’re allowed to decorate)!? Well why not make those office hours fly with our kitsch and quirky homeware! Like our retro-inspired Rock n Roll Clock. It tells the time AND brings back the king of rock n roll and the sweet sounds of the 60s – your prayers are answered! You may try the Hand Photo Frame because this is the photo frame with style! This modern home accessory quite literally holds your favourite snaps on display whilst making a quirky edition to any room – just what you need when a boring day of pen-pushing lies ahead of you!

Rock n Roll Clock!

Hand Photo Frame!







For the Boys…

For those multi-taskers and facebook-lovers, why not try the Social Shower Curtain to freshen up your status no matter where you are! Why settle for a dull-looking shower curtain when you could purchase this contemporary home accessory to stay social networking even when showering – genius! Or chillax on the Football Beanie Chair after an exhausting training session or to enjoy the match! For you football fanatics this enables you to get your football kicks even when sitting down!

Social Shower Curtain!

Football Beanie Chair!







For the Girls…

It’s stylish, it’s elegant, it’s practical and it’s pretty… it’s the Hand Jewellery Stand! With this modern home accessory you can organise and display your most treasured trinkets! Not only does this allow you to store your jewels and gems, but it also serves as a pleasant and pretty accessory to any room! But don’t stop there! Give your bedroom that burst of colour and injection of funkiness it’s desperate for! Our classic Lava Lamps are perfect for this to make sure your nightstand stays funky – like the Isobel Illusion Lamp! When switched on it performs a mesmerising ripple of lava reflections that spill out onto your bedroom walls! WOW!

Hand Jewellery Stand!

Isobel Illusion Lamp!

The Big Five-Oh!

Heading for ‘the big five-oh?’ For most, this end of an era, turn of half a century, signifies a prolonged and painful end to your fruitful years, (they’re your words not ours)! But if forty was the end of your youth, then arriving at your fiftieth is an ushering cry for coach trip holidays, varifocals and looking forward to a long stress-free relaxation period. So, after the 30th and 40th birthday presents were a selection of handpicked mockeries with the sole purpose of poking fun at their old age, maybe it’s time to offer a 50th birthday gift that will provide pleasure not pain for those heading for the big 50 – and for this we have the perfect range 50th birthday gift ideas in store for you!

The Vibrating Head Massager would be a great 50th birthday present to relieve stress, unwind and relax! Who needs a trained masseuse when you can enjoy a professional-style massage any time, any place! Allow its delicate vibrating fingers to soothe your scalp and send you into a state of deep relaxation. This is a perfect 50th birthday gift idea that will last for many years to come. Another item which would make a fabulous 50th birthday present is our Massaging Cushion. This, when placed behind your head or in any the desired position, moulds to fit the shape of your position to provide personalised comfort, then hit the vibrating button to take your body into another dimension of relaxation – a perfect 50th birthday gift that can bestow spa-quality treatments whenever you need it! The Lumbar Back Massager also soothes mind, body and soul – the key to the perfect 50th birthday present. It’s designed to fit easily into the small of your back and lull your body into a state of utopian pleasure!

To bring to you, the ultimate relaxation!

Sit back and be soothed!

Or maybe you want to give a 50th birthday gift for the home? Our Alicia: Set of 3 Candleholders are extremely popular – and I can see why! This trio of tall and elegant flutes are extremely aesthetically pleasing, perfect for dinner parties when setting the sophisticated mood. They’re also the perfect added ingredient for bath times; with a hot bubble bath, the lights switched off and your favourite scented candles placed inside the Alicia Candleholders, you’ll be transformed into another realm of relaxation. Or for that bath time feel, you may purchase the Venezia: Floating Candle Bowl to offer as a great 50th birthday gift. This beautiful and practical centrepiece illuminates any room whilst making a wonderfully pleasant ornament for your home. Our Touch Screen Sudoku Game would make a quirky and practical 50th birthday gift idea. This traditional game of Sudoku has been catapulted into the 21st century for all to enjoy! Offer this as a fun 50th birthday gift to keep their brain ticking over nicely! This means they no longer have to wait for their daily fix from the newspaper and can crack on with an endless supply of Sudoku challenges at their very fingertips! This will give that special someone turning 50 a tremendous triumph as they battle the new technical game of Sudoku!

a great 50th birthday present!

Up for the challenge?

These are but a small proportion of our 50th birthday gift ideas, to see more (and we know you want to) waste no time and get straight to The Discovery Store online and dig into more of our great 50th birthday presents!

How will you celebrate your 40th Birthday this year!?

Option A: Celebrate like you’re 25 and dance the night away. Say party not pension!

Option B: Spend the day trying to create a time machine. And when that fails, in bed, under the covers, ignoring all Happy 40th Birthday calls and texts and pretending like the day has been miraculously erased from the calendar.

Whether the 40th Birthday victim has chosen option A or B, we have great 40th birthday ideas for both routes by providing the ultimate 40th birthday gift ideas for you!

Option A Solution:

For those who have chosen to laugh in the face of the looming mid-life crisis and the sprouting greys with option A – stock up on the drink and party on! And for the alcohol abundance, I suspect the Giant Wine Glass and the Giant 2.5 Pint Glass will make perfect 40th birthday presents! Whether a wine-drinker or a pint-gulper, with this bad boy there’s no excuse to be caught short of a drink! Or if that’s not enough? The Yard of Ale Glass might do the trick, if you think they’re man enough that is! This 40th birthday present withholds a whole yard of your chosen beverage; if you think you’re up for the challenge, can you go the whole yard? Keep the cocktails flowing with the ultimate Cocktail Shaker, this is ideal for a 40th birthday bash and a great 40th birthday gift idea! This also provides a guide to the delicious concoction of eight different cocktails around its supper sleek, mirror-finish exterior. From cosmo-sippers to martini-lovers, this fabulous 40th birthday gift idea will turn heads not stomachs; just follow its simple step-by-step ingredients to obtain the most luscious of refreshments! Why not provide some more entertainment for the party and embrace the youth inside you with some silly drinking games that will make perfect 40th birthday gifts. Try the Vodka Jelly Mould – a mixture of both jelly and vodka moulded to fit the shape of the authentic Russian Vodka Bottle – a perfect 40th birthday present! 🙂

A great 40th Birthday present!

The ultimate cocktail maker!

Are you up for the challenge?







Option B Solution:

For those who have selected option B and wish to keep their 40th on the hush, we suggest some soothing home remedies will do the trick to ease them through the end of their thirties – Keep calm and be pampered!

The Hot Stones Massage Rocks are perfect for those in need of consoling with their deep muscular relaxation, making their forties seem like a distant memory. The Vibrohug Neck Massager is also a perfect 40th birthday idea to provide instant pain relief! Its vibrating motions will allow all their 40th birthday worries to wither away. Or give them a 40th birthday gift that will allow them to kick back and relax with our cosy collection of toasty treats. You can chose from our Warmies Boots range, these foot-lovers can be warmed to the desired temperature and then slipped onto your toes to lull aching bodies and soothe sore feet!

…and relax with new 40th birthday gift

More colours available!

For more simply spectacular 40th Birthday Presents visit The Discovery Store!

Are you heading for the big 21!?

The 21st birthday is a big one, possibly the BIGGEST and therefore needs to be the BEST. An outrageous celebration with copious amounts of alcohol, fun and games is therefore a must. Well, we’ve put together 10 simple steps for you to follow in order to have the best 21st birthday party yet!

Ingredients needed:

First of all you need to do the preparations:

1. Make a play list of party tunes on your iPod. Make sure it’s some upbeat tunes, something that’s going to set the atmosphere and get people up and dancing!

2. Plug the iPod into the Rock Amp and place out of the way. On a high shelf would be ideal, so it’s out of the way from potential spillages and everyone can hear the music!

3. Prepare the Vodka Jelly Mould. Begin by mixing 300ml of boiling water (in a jug) with your chosen jelly flavour. Then add vodka and mix well. Pour the mixture into the Vodka Jelly Mould and allow it to set. Once ready, place the vodka jelly contents onto a plate so it’s ready to serve.

4. Next, take out the Giant Wine Glasses and an equal number of wine bottles (yep, it’s one glass per bottle). Crack open the bottle and pour all contents of bottle into glass.

5. Repeat step four until all wine bottles are empty.

6. Take out the Black Wine Glasses for those non-alcoholics attending the party and fill with your chosen wine.

7. Add the Jager Bombs! Place the Jagermeister into the centre of the cup to the desired level, and then add the red bull to the remaining areas.

8. Repeat step seven until all Jager Bomb glasses are filled.

9. Fill up the Ice Diamond tray with water and place in the freezer, leaving it until frozen.

10. Take the Ice Shots and fill with your chosen beverage. Then place the shots into the freezer until frozen.


Now the question of the 21st Birthday Gift

Finding a suitable 21st birthday present is always a tricky task. Well don’t worry I’ve got some marvellous 21st birthday gift ideas for you! You might chose to take something that can be incorporated into the ultimate 21st birthday party recipe. For example, the Shot Games set! Because who really wants the traditional ‘key to the door’ these days? With 6 different games, cards, dice and shot glasses, it’s sure to get the drinks flowing and the party started – a perfect 21st birthday gift! The Test Tube Shots and the Paralytic Shot Glasses are also great 21st birthday presents to add some more spice to the party! Or perhaps you want to get that special someone something more sentimental, a 21st birthday gift for their new home perhaps? You can browse our new Funky Home Accessories department for this. There you’ll find plenty of sophisticated 21st birthday gifts for the person in mind. A Tree Photo Frame would be the perfect 21st birthday present, in which you could fill the funky frames with photos of that wild 21st birthday bash!


For 21st birthday gifts galore visit The Discovery Store’s great department for 21st Birthday Presents!


Let us learn a lesson from the victims of Download 2011 Festival… REST IN PEACE! Make sure you have the essential festival clothing this year! Get off on the right foot with the Festival Feet to relive soaked feet and ruined shoes #thebinlinersarenotagoodlook! Image

Don’t miss out on your favourite band or DJ because you’re running back to your tent for your hunters! These feet-savers can be easily stored in your pocket so when the weather takes a turn for the worse you can keep your spot at the front of the crowd by simply slipping on your Festival Feet. Also… you cannot be without our BRAND NEW Retro Arcade Poncho! Do not be ripped off by an evil festival stall to have your perfect festival attire concealed by an expensive bin bag-looking waterproof! Stay dry and looking chic with the contemporary retro mac to be prepared for all circumstances. Give yourself piece of mind that whatever the weather you know you’ve bagged the best festival wear to keep the festivities alive!

You know how you get when you’re cold and wet – massively grumpy! We’re all guilty of it! We have another solution for you… the Snuggle Fleece – blanket with sleeves! This allows you night-long ravers to wrap up warm inside and outside the tent. You’ll need it when the hangover from hell sets in or when those late night toilet runs come knocking! Speaking of staggering to the toilet, you don’t want to fall anywhere nasty or stumble upon the wrong tent because you didn’t pack a Dynamo Torch to light your way- a must-have festival essential!

Ah yes, toilet roll – the holy grail of festivals. FACT! Stock up and stock up big! Add some entertainment to those delightful portaloo experiences with the Crap Jokes Toilet Roll, so no matter how crappy it gets, you know you can still have a laugh! Another festival essential we’ve stocked for you is the Multi Tool LED Keychain. May your wood be drilled, your tins be unclosed, your nights be illuminated, and most importantly, may your bottles be opened! You will find it all compacted in the handy Multi Tool keychain.

Now, enough of the practical stuff! Don’t waste any drinking time and put on the Beer Hat so you can multi-task whilst making your way to the campsite or erecting the tents, life is just too short! You can set up your section of the campsite with the Football Chair and the Inflatable Beanie Chair to rest your dancing feet! Their waterproof quality means that you can embrace the outdoors no matter what the weather whilst they provide a comfy haven to rest your legs, a festival essential after a night of dancing! Let the drinking commence by filling up the Jager Bomb shot glasses, so you can enjoy bar-quality drinks in the wilderness!


Festival Essentials – we’ve got it all!

I bought the retro poncho…


I bought the retro poncho for Parklife Festival in Manchester this year! The weather forecasted for a few light showers but nothing major, but for only a fiver i bought the retro poncho to make sure i had something just incase, and what a saviour it was! The saturday hurled it down with rain and the stalls that were selling waterproofs quickly ran out. So i got my retro poncho out my back pocket and pulled it over my head and i stayed dry throughout the showers whilst others had to fork out a small fortune for an awful, barely even waterproof contraption! Or even worse, they didn’t get one at all! I would strongly advise to go prepared to any festival no matter what the forecast says because you just never know what the clouds may bring! Probably the best fiver i ever spent on a fest!