Struggling this Father’s Day for gift ideas?

We do hope you have put Father’s Day in your calendar this year. For those of you that didn’t know, Father’s Day is the 15th of June this year, so make sure you jot down the date or set a reminder on your phone! We know how stressful it can be to come up with gift ideas for fathers day.

Tech-Tool Pen

The perfect gift for a DIY Dad this Father’s Day.

We know what you’re thinking when it comes to your father’s day gift this year, you’ve got to really pull something out of the bag after his awesome Christmas present, and even more so after the success of your mother’s day gift or you’re going to cause a few arguments. That’s why The Discovery Store is lending a helping hand to the majority of you that are struggling a little on the fathers days gifts front. We have mustered up a selection of smashing father s day gifts for you to exude a sigh of relief this June. Catering for all; the sportsman, the gadget-fiend, the handy man and the culinary genius (as he likes to be known), your ticket to a fabulous fathers day gift idea is right here with us. Some of our favourites are the Tech-Tool Pen, the Giant 2.5 Pint Glass and the Camera Lens Mug. The Giant 2.5 Pint Glass is a great fathers day gift as summer approaches, it means more beer and less moving to fetch a new one, and it really does make the ‘down-in-one’ challenge that bit more exciting! Our Vinyl gift collection is also a winner this Father’s Day, consisting of our Vinyl Coasters, our Vinyl Record Bowl and our Vinyl bookends. Each product in the vinyl collection is designed to replicate the old school vinyl record. It’s a retro blast from the past that your dad will love, it’ll remind him of those “good old days” that you’re always hearing about! If your Dad is an iPhone addict, then our Ear iPhone Case, our Bondi iPhone Holder and our Rock Amp MP3 Speaker will make great father’s day presents. He can look stylish with his iPhone case, hang his iPhone where ever he wants and play his favourite tunes through his speakers.

Giant 2.5 Pint Glass

A whole 2 and a half pints in one glass! Now that will be a fathers day present to remember (or not)!

Vinyl Bookends

These Vinyl Bookends will give your Dad a blast from the past! Also view our Vinyl collection which includes Vinyl Coasters, Vinyl Bookends and the Vinyl Record Bowl.

These are but a few of our father’s day gifts and present ideas that’s we have to offer you. The Discovery Store wishes you the best of luck in finding the perfect father’s day present!


Seed Balls (Project MAYA)

Do you ever find yourself gazing out of your kitchen window at your garden in utter disappointment?

Could your garden be mistaken for a desolate wasteland of weeds and tangled greens? Does your disappointment turn to bitterness when you glance over at your next door neighbour’s garden, with its pristine display of blooming red poppies on a finely trimmed, daisy-filled lawn? Do you then turn your head to find an equally as impressive spread of blue forget-me-nots, on a bed of wild marjorams, red clovers, foxgloves, birdsfoot trefoils and viper’s-bugloss, attracting the hums of bumble bees and a flock of delicate butterflies? Well, turn that frown upside down because we have a new product that is perfect for you. We call them Seed Balls. They’re a new and innovative gadget for your garden which will produce entire wildflower gardens and beautiful meadows with minimum fuss and no time at all! These seedballs really are remarkable. Each seed ball contains a mini ecosystem of British wildflower seeds mixed with clay, peat-free compost and a sprinkle of chili powder, all rolled up into a little seedball. Each seed bomb has all the nutrients and minerals it needs to transform your garden from that green-stained cavity into a floral paradise!

Poppy Seedballs

Poppy seed bombs which produce stunning red poppies from just a little ball of seeds.

Butterfly Mix Seed balls

A mix of British wildflowers that attracts colourful butterflies to decorate your garden.

How the seedbomb works is simple, when it rains, the water permeates the dried clay and the seeds inside begin to germinate and transform into a beautiful array of your chosen wildflowers. The dried clay also acts as a protective layer against common seed predators such as ants, mice and birds, which would be detrimental to the seed’s germination and progress. The chili powder also combats predators while the seed sprouts.

Each tin contains 20 seedbombs of your selected mix and we have six different types of seed bombs to choose from:


Contents of Seed Balls Tin

“Think about it. A whole habitat in a tiny clay ball.”
– Masanobu Fukuoka –

The seedballs are a part of a much wider-reaching approach to conservation, working within the eco-social enterprise called the Project MAYA ( This is fantastic organisation which aims to cultivate a global network of reserves. UK gardens are one of the most important havens for wildlife – totalling about 270,000 hectares: an area larger than all the designated National Nature Reserves combined! So, by setting your seed balls loose in your garden, you can contribute to the Project MAYA and thus, towards conserving stunning British wildflowers and wildlife. It all starts here with these splendid little seed balls!

We, The Discovery Store, cordially invite you to take part in the Project MAYA; a fun, no-fuss and efficient way to fill your garden with wonderful British wildflowers and create biodiversity without costing the earth!

Forget-Me-Not Seed Bombs

These seedballs sprout beautiful Forget-Me-Nots with no fuss at all!